Though it started 12 years ago as a DIY Southern film festival, Indie Grits has become much more than an annual, celebratory weekend of film, art, music, and creative culture from across the Southeast. As a result of over a decade’s worth of explosive growth, Indie Grits Labs was born late 2016 out of the Nickelodeon Theatre to strengthen its support for Southern filmmakers and artists, as well as deepen its investments in the local arts community and media education programming.

Today, year-round media literacy programming and focused incubation projects capitalize on the relationships formed, over the history of the festival, with artists, filmmakers, educators and organizations. IGL operates out of a two story house just off North Main Street in the historic Eau Claire community in Columba, SC. The house features a contemporary art gallery, a PrintLab, meeting/workshop spaces, and a small screening venue.

The Indie Grits Festival is a four-day event that celebrates gritty, contemporary culture of the South through film, art and music. Propelled by a far-flung artistic vision, festival organizers seek to break down the walls intimidating Southern media makers by creating exhibition opportunities for work often overlooked elsewhere. We host a wide range of cultural events featuring the very best of art, music, and experimental media from the Southeast. Festival goers can come out and pick their poison: dark theaters, music in the streets, late night drinks with like-minded souls, the antics of crazy, sharp-witted, dream-casting puppeteers, and a world of art embedded into the very environment they inhabit.

This year’s festival happens March 28-31, 2019. For a full list of events, venues and pricing click here.