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Southern Gift Market

The Y’all Southern Gift Market

Many Southern makers rely heavily on gift markets, trade shows, craft fairs, and festivals to reach consumers with their products.  And since many of those events aren’t happening in person right now, Y’all has created its online virtual gift market to help Southern makers connect with consumers who appreciate their products and want to help support small businesses in the South.

How It Works

The Y’all Southern Gift Market is an online virtual gift market where you can become a merchant to sell your products.  Just sign up here on this page.  We create your virtual vendor booth and load your products into the virtual marketplace.  All the links go directly to your website so that all sales are recorded in your website and the money goes directly to you.

Your Virtual Vendor Booth

We create a landing page inside the Y’all Southern Gift Market that is search-optimized around your business name with backlinks to your website, social media, and physical location (if applicable).  It tells the unique story of your business, making an emotional connection with shoppers who want to support you.  Your merchant page also showcases all your featured products.

Your Products

We create individual product pages to showcase up to 9 of your products.  Each of these is categorized in three important ways:

    1. Product Category(ies)
    2. Price Category
    3. Recipient & Lifestyle Category(ies)

This makes sure that your products show up in relevant searches whenever shoppers are filtering products to narrow in on choices they’d like to purchase.  Each product page is linked back to your merchant page.

Products are also featured in sliders throughout the Y’all Southern Gift Market.

Promotion & Marketing

Once you’ve become a merchant in the Y’all Southern Gift Market, we begin promoting you and your products on the Y’all.com platform in these specific ways to attract shoppers:

    • Video interviews with you on our Facebook Live to tell the unique story of your business and showcase products you have available in the Y’all Southern Gift Market
    • Articles about you on Y’all.com that continue to tell your unique story and showcase individual products you have available in the Y’all Southern Gift Market — some featuring just you, and others featuring your products in various gift guides (i.e. 10 Great Gift Ideas for Mom)
    • Videos and articles posted to our social media and promoted on Facebook to potential buyers
    • Features about you and your products in our email newsletter to Y’all.com readers
    • Display ads on Y’all.com showcasing you and your products, and driving readers directly to your merchant and/or product pages

What It Costs

You can become a merchant in the Y’all Southern Gift Market right now, in time for the holiday selling season for only $500 a month, or save $500 with our early bird discount for the November and December holiday selling season if you sign up by November 30th.

That’s only $500 TOTAL for November and December to reach new customers who appreciate your products and want to support small businesses like yours.

Then renew for all of 2021 for only $200/mo!  That includes all the major selling seasons:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s Day
  • Weddings
  • Father’s Day
  • Graduation
  • Back To School
  • Halloween
  • Holiday Season & Christmas

How To Become a Merchant

Secure your virtual vendor booth in the Y’all Southern Gift Market today by completing the form below.  We’ll contact you to answer any questions you have and start gathering what is needed to set up your merchant page and product pages quickly.

If you have immediate questions, please don’t hesitate to call, text, or email Steven Ludwig at (615) 473-3379 or [email protected] for immediate assistance.