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Recipe: Creole Beef Wellington

This Beef Wellington recipe is easy to make, with a Creole flavor that's simply mouthwatering! Girl Carnivore says with a little prep and Tony Chachere's®, this...

Recipe: Roast Christmas Goose and The Fixins

Have you ever been just the least bit curious about how to cook a goose for Christmas? Well, I did one a few years...

Recipe: Leftovers- Slow Cooker Turkey and Dumplins

This is easy and really good recipe for chicken and dumplings. The type of biscuit dough does not matter: Ingredients and Directions 1 Can Cream of...
fried turkey

Turkey Talk – Frying Tips

So you want to fry a turkey do ya? Well, here's a start, never say "Hold my beer while I drop this turkey". Most...

Turkey Talk- Smoking A Turkey

This is by far my favorite way to cook a turkey. When done right , a smoked turkey is to me the most delectable...