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About Y’all.com


Welcome to Yall.com, the ultimate guide to the South.

Just like the term “y’all” evolved as part of the Southern vernacular, we’ve created Yall.com as a community of folks who appreciate the uniqueness of Southern culture — the food, the way we live, our distinctly Southern style and way of doing things, our vibrant, welcoming cities, and our artists, artisans, and makers who reflect that culture in their creations.

You don’t need to be Southern to appreciate all the South has to offer… but it helps.

We thank you for making us part of your day and hope you’ll join us at Yall.com often.  Please be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  We’d love your feedback on how we’re doing so far!  Contact us any time at [email protected].


Press Releases

Please submit press releases to Yall.com at [email protected].  Whenever possible, please include links to photographs, videos, logos, and other information that will be useful as we prepare to publish a story based on your release.


Event Information

To add your event to our Southern Events calendar, please submit the information to [email protected], and please include the following (wherever possible):

  • Official Name of the Event
  • Date(s), Start/End Time(s), Location
  • Event Description
  • Photos and/or Videos from Last Year’s Event (if available)
  • Links to any Social Media Sites for this Event (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)
  • Interview Contact (Name, Email, Cell)



Yall.com is a free service to our readers, supported by sponsors and advertisers who make it all possible.  Our goal is to connect great Southern brands with consumers who appreciate their products and services and want to become customers.

Our unique approach immerses your brand in the Yall.com content to create awareness, extends reach with powerful social and email promotion with our audience, and optimizes conversion to create new customers.

Your business can access the Yall.com audience for as little as a few hundred dollars a month, and no matter the budget our focus is on understanding what constitutes a fair return on your investment and making sure we design your sponsorship to achieve those results.

Find out more about specific advertising and sponsorship opportunities here or email [email protected] to request more information.  We commonly customize a strategy around the unique needs and budget of every customer.

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