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Storm Shelters, Coronavirus and You

Tornado season is fast approaching, for many it began in February. The issues have been approached of how to decide between the COVID-19 and...
Daylight Savings Time

Georgia Looks To Abolish Daylight Savings Time

ATLANTA – The Georgia State Senate recently passed a bill in a 46-7 vote that would effectively terminate the state’s adherence to daylight savings...

Ducks Are The New Chicken

by COBY BENNETT Ducks. Is there a more universally familiar bird? They’ve been immortalized in cartoons, ads and jokes. Let’s face it, everyone has heard at...

Tips For Southern Parents During A Pandemic

We have a lot to be thankful for, living in the South. Beautiful weather, breathtaking landscapes, a sense of community and tradition, a culture...

COVID Is Making GreatNuts.com Go…..Nuts!!

Two major airlines dropped their nuts from their first class cabins in March due to COVID-19.  The nut mixes were served in ramekins, and...