How To Immortalize Your Furry Friends With Custom Urns


Pets may only be in our lives for a short time, but for them, we are their whole lives. And the impact they leave on us will last forever. So what better way to immortalize the life of your furry friend than by honoring them through a custom urn and celebrating what made them unique?

When memorializing your pet, there are ways to create a special place in your home that feels like a proper tribute to them. Here are ways we recommend curating a perfect space to pay tribute to your furry friend.

Choosing a Custom Urn

When choosing a custom urn for your pet, you can work with an artist to create something that captures their unique spirit. Here are some ideas for how to best memorialize your pet through a custom urn.

●     An Urn of Their Likeness

One way to create a memorable urn for your pet is to get an urn that resembles them. This is an excellent way to remember your furry friend and keep their spirit with you every day.

●     An Urn Decorated With Symbols

Perhaps you want to be a bit less literal with your pet’s urn. If you are religious or have strong spiritual beliefs. An urn covered with religious or spiritual emblems can be a lovely way to pay tribute to your beloved pet and honor your religious or spiritual beliefs.

●     An Urn That Can Double As a Vase

Some urn makers create urns that can be vases, as well. This design allows you to display beautiful flowers with this memorial piece for your beloved and departed pet.

When choosing a custom urn, allow your imagination to be as free as your furry friend was. Your special pal was unique, and they deserve a memorial that is as special and unique as them.

Carve Out a Special Place

Having a special place in your home for your pet’s urn goes beyond the custom urn. You probably carefully considered what type of pet to bring into your life, and you are going to carefully consider how to memorialize them.

Consider dedicating a full shelf to them. Put their favorite toys and your favorite photos of them on the shelf with their urn. Having a beautiful space for them gives you and your family special moments throughout the day to honor them.

Have a Special Ceremony

When mourning pets, there are rarely any specific ceremonies that need to take place. You can curate your own special ceremony to honor the life of your furry friend. Having a ceremony can be helpful for family members to be able to move on, especially the younger ones. Devote some time, share special memories, and participate in some rituals to honor the life of your pet.

Having a memory book of your beloved pet is a helpful way for you and your loved ones to honor their legacy. You can keep the book next to their urn so that everyone can reflect on their favorite memories while honoring their final resting place.

Honoring Your Best Friend

Your pet brings a certain type of condition-less love into your life that cannot be matched. Our pets are beloved members of our families who give us a type of joy that cannot be found in any other relationship. Having a custom urn, a dedicated space in your home, and a special ceremony to honor the life and legacy of your four-legged pals can help you to cement that legacy and immortalize them in your life. They’ll be with you forever, in spirit and memory.

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