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Tennessee Travel Writer Touches Hearts With Inner Journey

WATCH: Y'all-TV Interview with author Jim Santos Author Jim Santos is touching the hearts of his readers in his book, "An Uphill Climb – Survivor's Guilt and...

Y’all-TV: John Iamarino, SoCon History Author

The Southern Conference features 10 universities in six Southern states. Former SoCon commissioner John Iamarino his authored the athletic organization's first history book as...
John Bell Hoodvideo

Y’all-TV: Civil War Author Stephen Davis On John Bell Hood

The Atlanta Campaign and the subsequent march into Middle Tennessee by Confederate forces during the Civil War is the topic of author Stephen Davis's...

The Secret Of The Bread That Makes Us Happy

Discover the story of the mysterious bread that makes people happy with bakerly's new book: The sensational tale of Nathan the baker, a fiction inspired by bakerly's very own bakers. bakerly is...
Robert Spencervideo

Y’all-TV: Robert Spencer Authors ‘Rating America’s Presidents’

From George Washington to Donald Trump, author Robert Spencer's twentieth book evaluates the 45 American chief executives in terms of their prioritization of putting...