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“No New Ideas” Looks At Starting A Franchise Business

Tim Conn, the founder and president of national commercial cleaning franchise Image One USA and a lifelong entrepreneur, has written his #1 bestselling debut book No New...

An Aging Hunter Remembers – A Poem

"An Aging Hunter Remembers the First Kill"- an original poem by Jeff Newberry What do I know? This leafy view, this leafy perch. The pre-dawn silence amplified...

#LoveOfMyLife – A Short Story by Mathieu Cailler

Thom Clark sat in a holding cell in west Tennessee, a stark difference from his usual office at Memphis State, where he was chair...

#LoveOfMyLife – Part 2/3

Part 2/3 Thom thought this was what happened when a good man tried to do bad: he botched it. The photo had upset him, and he’d...

#LoveOfMyLife – Part 3/3 by Mathieu Cailler

Time passed quickly reading over Kathryn’s sentences, paragraphs, and pages, and before long it was almost time for Akari’s arrival. He grabbed some Post-Its....