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Christmas Tree

Decorating Your Southern Home For The Holidays

by AINSLEY LAWRENCE The holidays are finally here! Just because many Southern states don’t exactly experience a winter wonderland, we know how to do things...
Tricks Of The Tradevideo

Tricks Of The Trade: Garage Door Problems, Paint Smell

John Allen and Jimmy Duke record the final show of 2020. Questions from callers include how to fix problems with the garage door. Also,...

Ultimate Guide To Living Room Ideas For Christmas

by Olivia Hartley, guest writer Are you a home décor maniac? If yes, then why not plan a December look for your living room. No...

9 Tips To Renovate Your Beautiful Space Economically

The season of festivities is just around the corner, and a panorama view around the house makes us desperate to get some renovation done. It...
John Allenvideo

Tricks Of The Trade: Disability Repairs, Crawl Space

John Allen is the South's No. 1 handyman. He takes viewers' texts this week in an effort to make their repair projects happen without...