The season of festivities is just around the corner, and a panorama view around the house makes us desperate to get some renovation done.

It is our utmost wish to live in a beautifully adorned home that looks upgraded and well-kept. We want our abode to give certain kinds of vibes like cozy, contemporary,  southern, minimalist, or bohemian. But all of it seems like a cumbersome task due to the soaring prices of house renovation costs. 

Yes, knowing that all the renewal, re-installs, and restoration of structural elements around the house will cost us an arm and a leg, we tend to bury our desires in our hearts.

But, what if I tell you that I am here to give you some fantastic, low-cost tips to upgrade your living space? And that too quite efficiently (no temporary fixes involved here, trust me)?

San Francisco-based interior designer Grant K Gibson advises that you should take your time as these decisions last for years when it comes to designing a space.  

Therefore, you should devise a plan of what needs to be done and be clear about what you want before starting your home remodeling. Firstly, it will avoid the continuous change of mind and help you determine the whole renovation project within your budget.

Here are a few useful yet economical tips on home renovation.

  1. Check for structural remedials before you start

Interior designer Nina Maya suggests that to avoid costly replacements, rectify structural damages in time even if they are minor. Remedial works such as electrical, plumbing, flooring, or roofing must not be overlooked. It will give a strong base to your home remodeling plan.

For instance, at times depending upon the weather of the area you live in, you figure out that your roof needs repair. In all such cases, we recommend you immediately seek local professional help as roofing is a sensitive matter. So if, for example, you live in Texas, looking for Dallas roof repair options would definitely help. Be proactive in your approach, and select the best alternatives accordingly.

  1. Look for where you can buy decor at lesser prices

The second thing you need to invest your time in is to research where you can get the best possible deal to buy items required for renovation. Whether you need to buy some beautiful lightning fixtures, a piece of furniture, or those window blinds you were fancying, you don’t need to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for them.

Thrift stores and online auctions are the best places to buy preloved stuff in excellent condition. Once I found a vintage couch at an online auction for a way less price than a luxury furniture store would sell it at. It has been four years since I bought it, and we still get compliments on how it beautifies my whole living room.

Remain patient and wait for the right time to buy things. There are massive sales in the US before festivals, such as the Black Friday sale, and you can take full advantage of that by planning your home renovation around that. Besides furniture, fixtures, tiles, and landscaping, you can buy electronic equipment and tools required for renovation at a lesser cost. 

  • Repaint the walls 

Fresh paint will always make a space look new, bright, and beautifully renovated. It is the best way to make your home look modern without significant renovation.  

Look for paint color scheme ideas from Pinterest that will be perfect for your home. The right shade will set the right mood. Choose colors that make your home look illuminated and inviting. Some of the contemporary shades you can try are deep emerald, burnt orange, classic blue, sage, and Chesnut. 

Painting the house yourself will save you a lot of money, but learning to do it correctly is vital. Otherwise, you may end up with a ruined final look. Use the correct tools, such as the painter’s tape, foam rollers, and good quality paint brushes to get the job done.

  1. Self-adhesive 3D wall stickers

If you don’t want to paint the walls because you are apprehensive about the cost of doing it yourself, you can try 3d wall stickers instead. They are trending these days due to their practicality, ornate looks, and cost-effectiveness. 

The material of most 3d wallpapers is water and mold resistant, and anyone can stick them to a wall. The adhesive is strong enough to stay intact, so you don’t have to worry that it will fall off after a few days.


  • Spruce up your kitchen

A kitchen renovation is one of the most fun projects you will ever do. Your current kitchen may have wearisome cabinets or lustreless countertops. But you can easily transform all this into a sparkling new kitchen with a few economical and time-saving ways.

Firstly, deep clean the insides and outer sides of your kitchen cabinets without missing any nook and corner. You can use laminate paint for your cabinets to give them a modern and sophisticated look. Replace the handles with new ones. 

Spray paint is undoubtedly the best tool in home renovation projects. You can spray-paint the kitchen countertops to bring out life. You can also use it on old cabinet handles if you want to spend even less. Enhance the look even more by adding under cabinet lights.

Lastly, add some drawer organizers and extra shelving to add more storage in your kitchen and help it look neat and organized later on.


  • Restore and recycle your furniture

Your old furniture can be restored and look completely new. Ensure its structure is still intact, as transforming something that is about to break isn’t a good idea. Replace the hinges and drawer slides, paint it in a bright color, and replace its handles to make it look new. 

For sofas and dining chairs, it is better to get it upholstered professionally. Several service providers do furniture recycling at an affordable cost so that it won’t impact your budget much.

  • Swap old lightning fixtures

Replacing the light fixtures alone gives a new and sleek look to any room in your house. They are quite pricey if you buy them new, but you can get them at cheap rates from sales and thrift stores, as explained above. The correct lighting will change the aura of your home and give it an inviting look instantly.

lighting Source 

  • Update your window coverings

Window treatments in good quality give your home a spruced-up look. As per your liking, you can choose shutters, curtains, or blinds. Prefer to use fabrics and colors, which last as they gather a lot of dust and bear direct sunlight. Materials such as cotton and linen are highly recommended, but you can also opt for silk for a luxurious look.

  • Revamp your garden

We often tend to overlook our garden in terms of renovation. This is one of the tasks you can do yourself by taking help from family members or a friendly neighbor. Repaint your garden fence, plant seasonal trees, and try your hand at landscaping to beautify your garden. You can buy some second-hand garden furniture for an appealing look.

You can also use fairy lights on your trees for a festive and cozy ambiance.

Wrapping up

Home renovation doesn’t have to be a costly project if you try the tips mentioned above. Not only these ways are economical but time-saving and exciting enough to get you hooked till you finish.