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by Mack Staley, Guest Contributor

With each new décor or a change in any segment of the home, there is a sense of newness and a breath of fresh air. This is why sometimes, we just want our homes to look different from what it has always looked like.

While the DIY methods of renovating a home might sound all fun and easy while reading them, practicality is not always obtainable. Some of us simply have no idea on how to handle a drill. Yet, we want our homes to look new with a few touches here and there. This article was written to help you achieve that—a newer-looking home without any serious renovation.

6. Change your lighting

You would agree with me that you walk into some rooms and the first items that catch your attention are the lights. A room can come alive with the right lights. If you’re looking to make your home look new and different, then this is not merely about purchasing new floor lightings or table lamps. Their arrangement must be done strategically. A quick way to go about sorting the light arrangements is working with a picture of a lighting you admire. You would find a lot of pictures of home decor online, for starters. You may need an electrician for the installation of your new lights.

5. Spice up Your Windows

Many people fail to realize that windows present us another opportunity to make a home look different. Leaving a window undressed or dressing it without serious thoughts is as good as wasting potential.

If you’ve never dressed your windows or put in serious thoughts into it, now is the time! Your house will look transformed with great curtains/blinds. You can choose colors and patterns based on your style and taste. Your walls can guide you as to the colors to choose.

4. Invent an Outdoor Room

Many homes have unused spaces, especially outdoors. Some homes have no front porch or backyard patio, yet there’s a lot of space at the entrance. This space can be put to use in creating an outdoor room. You do not need a lot of money to achieve this. All you need is a few cushions, throw pillows, an outdoor rug and flower vases for start. You can always add up other ideas (such as a heater, a music player/speaker and a minibar) later on.

3. You Could Landscape Your Yard

You shouldn’t leave out your yard while trying to refurbish your home. You can try landscaping in a bid to make it look more pleasant and welcoming—not just to visitors, but to you. Imagine coming into a yard with many amazing flowers and garden beds after a long day. Amazing thoughts, right? Those thoughts could become your reality.

Landscaping is underrated. It makes your yard beautiful and keeps your visitors thrilled when they walk in. Landscaping is not planting one or two trees. It involves tenderly raising garden beds and flowers. By simply learning a few hacks on how to start a garden and grow flowers, you’ll be learning how to make your yard look totally different and new.

However, this is not exactly a quick hack to make your home look new as it requires a bit of time.

2. Think Wallpapers

While you might not have fancied the idea of wallpaper in the past, you would be amazed at the designs that have been hitting the market in recent times. There are several amazing wallpapers out there and you may want to try them on the walls of the rooms in your home. Wallpapers could be used to spice up your walls when you don’t have the time, money and energy to paint. Unlike paints, if you do not like your wallpapers anymore, you can always peel them off after a few weeks.

However, while picking wallpapers, remember to pick those that are rather simple and classy.

1. Simply Clean and Paint

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Sometimes, merely thinking of the changes to make to your home might start stressing you out. You might have fallen in love with some of the aforementioned ideas and changed your mind over and over. If you feel this way, just clean up your house and re-paint. It will definitely look new.

Frankly, sometimes, all you really need to do is remove the clutter, clean and paint!

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