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Giants Spotted In Clermont, Kentucky

It's true! A large giant and  two younger giants have recently been reported being seen in Clermont, Kentucky woods. Reports are they are seemingly...

6 Fall Southern Wine Festivals In 2019 To Plan For Now

Wine festivals require some planning. Here are 6 happening this fall across the South. Early ticket specials are often offered by many of these,...
heaven's door distillery and arts center

Heaven’s Door Distillery, Bob Dylan Art Moving To Nashville

Heaven's Door Distillery , is a Tennessee Whiskey and Bourbon distillery designed in part by singer - songwriter-artist Bob Dylan. Presently they do a...

Jacksonville Is Being Made By “Makers”

Jacksonville, Florida's new wave of ‘Makers’ are young, passionate and hungry for all things local and real. They are embracing the city’s unique culture...

Knoxville Named Top 25 “Maker City”

Knoxville is one of the 25 best Maker Cities in America, according to an article published on All of the communities named in...