Teen Invents COVID related product

As a senior in high school, 17-year-old Jonathan Bogen didn’t know if just wearing a mask would keep him safe from COVID-19.  He wanted something that offered additional protection to a mask that could also be worn with everyday street clothes. That’s when he came up with the idea for what he calls the “COVID-BREAKER.” A windbreaker jacket that provides a face shield while wearing a mask. (Product video can be seen at

Bogen, a senior at American Heritage High School in Delray Beach, Florida came up with idea to modify a wind-breaker jacket by adding a hooded face shield that can be removed from the jacket. The plastic face covering can be easily removed from the hood using a zipper attached to the jacket.

“I tried several prototypes. Everyone who saw me wearing the jacket wanted one. This is not to replace a mask but to use while wearing a mask,” said Bogen.

To market the “COVID-BREAKER,” Bogen created the website “I plan on donating all profits to food banks in South Florida. I will also distribute 100 jackets to seniors and the homeless shelter in Broward County, Florida. If this jacket can help one person avoid getting the bug, I will be happy. I think people will find it unique, comfortable and it looks great.

“Best of all, it can be worn inside a store, outside at a sporting event, theme park or even when flying in an airplane,” said Bogen.

The hooded face shield is meant to be worn with a mask, not to replace a mask. The hood can also be worn alone without the jacket. The plastic shield easily unzips from the hood allowing a person to use the windbreaker as a regular jacket.