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Great Moments In Thanksgiving TV History

We went to the vaults and found some of our fave TV moments that we are thankful for. Obviously, the WKRP "Turkey Drop" Episode...

The Invincible Turkey- A Southern Original Short

The Invincible Turkey Bailey Kirk We hurried through the calm timber, weaving and ducking through thickets. It seemed as if we were planning out a murder...

Cheetos Releases Holiday Cookbook

Just in time for a wintry season sure to be anything but traditional, Chester Cheetah is here to bring a little holiday cheer —...
Luke Combsvideo

Nashville Music Line: Luke Combs Captures CMAs, Tracy Lawrence Turkeys

Tracy Lawrence’s 15th annual Mission Possible Turkey Fry & Benefit Concert is set for November 24. Since it's conception in 2006, Mission:Possible has raised...

Astronaut Tells His Story In New Book

A new book released by Pen-L Publishing reveals the personal recounting by Apollo 14 astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell of his transforming experience during his spaceflight home...