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Southern Arts & Culture
Southern Arts and Culture

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The Painting: A Short Story By John “Mac” MacIlroy

by JOHN W. MACILROY Maddie Cheever tilted her head back, then sideways. "Too low, Taylor, and tilted." "You sure? People hang paintings too high." But Taylor Longworth...

5 Things We Can Learn From Southern Hospitality

by AINSLEY LAWRENCE When you move to or live in the South, there are a few things you can expect. You can expect to see...

‘I Hate It When My Pilot Says ‘S–T!’

by GILBERT 'BUD' SCHILL One of my favorite airline pilots ever was the guy who flew the commuter leg from Roanoke to Richmond one afternoon...
Mississippi Book Festival

Mississippi’s Literary Lawn Party Returns Aug. 20

by MIRIAM MEEKS There will be a single Southern festival where book lovers will find more than 10,000 readers, 200 authors, and a dozen booksellers...

How To Plan For Your Charming Southern Wedding

by AINSLEY LAWRENCE Whether you’re from the South or not, there’s no denying the charm and sense of country comfort that comes from a traditional...