As we look to try and break the monotony that has become 2020. You know go out…don’t go out…stay at home… We are becoming a society reliant on virtuality and the internet to socialize. Virtual happy hours, business meetings and school have become the norm.

Well allow us to introduce y’all to these virtual Air BnB experiences for under $50 that might help …for a temporary time…transport you to somewhere besides your couch..though you probably are doing it from your couch…it doesn’t matter just enjoy:

Athletics, Workouts, Mind and Body, Yoga

Cooking and Mixology (prices do not incl. ingredients)

Odds and Ends

We could go on all day y’all. In total we found over 600 experiences for under $50. And there are even more if you want to spend more. So search away. Escape. Learn something you have always wanted to, or never thought of!