You have fallen in love with the lake that bumps up against your new property, and the glorious trees surrounding your plot leave nothing to be desired. Now, all that’s missing is your dream lake house. As you brainstorm how to build your home, you can hardly stop thinking about all of the fun, cutting-edge trends you’d like to incorporate into the home. With each idea, all you can think of is “ready, set—”

No. Not so fast.

Before you move full speed ahead on the construction trend train, remember that what may be popular today may be old news tomorrow. Rather than focusing on adding zany features to your lake house, you should concentrate on creating a home design that is timeless—one you can enjoy for years to come.

1. Create a Minimalist Fee 

Adopting a minimalist approach in your lake home’s design is an excellent way to keep your home timeless. This design involves utilizing paint colors like pastels, whites, and cool grays to simplify your modern decor. Consider your choice of wall paint carefully. These hues will make your home feel airy and spacious. In addition, consider incorporating a simple layout and clean lines throughout the house to keep the home looking and feeling fresh long term

2. Add Ambient Lighting

One subtle way to update your lake house without breaking the bank is to upgrade the interior and exterior lights. Having a nicely lit patio is an absolute must for homes with such beautiful views. Now is the perfect time to opt for LED lighting—not fad-driven lighting—as this type of lighting can be beautiful while also being sensible and functional, offering value for both the present and the future.

LED neon lighting is especially in demand these days due to the fact that it offers excellent output, is low maintenance, and is cost-friendly. Plus, you can get specific hues, smart bulbs, or ones that are compatible with dimming controls. A mixture of different fixtures and canned lighting can add a touch of classic sophistication to your new home.

3. Focus On Function First 

If you’re interested in transforming a house into your dream lake home, it’s critical that your floor plan is functional — which doesn’t mean it has to be boring. For instance, the plan’s proportions should be classic, and the floor plan should be open so that you and your loved ones can enjoy spending time together with ease. In light of this, consider adding a great room and large kitchen to the home. The plan should be built around how you live and also how you entertain. If you love to cook, then maybe you should consider a kitchen remodel rather than a bedroom renovation and if you enjoy inviting friends over to spend time on the water, then you may want a bigger budget for your exterior updates.

4. Upgrade Your Deck Or Patio

Lake houses are built to be an outdoor getaway, so why don’t you get the outdoor hangout space of your dreams? Giving your patio a refurbish makes getting out of the water so much nicer. Think about how nice it would be if you got out of your kayak on a nice summer evening and could sit down on some comfortable patio furniture, rather than a splintery picnic table.

One big must-have for your lake house exterior is a fire pit or fireplace. These warm spaces will draw in your loved ones together to huddle around the cozy warmth, and they’re essential for the perfect lake house. You can even try making your own fire pit for an affordable, DIY addition that’s uniquely yours.

5. Incorporate Charming Decor Throughout the House

If your lake house is a real natural getaway, you might want your decor and furniture choices to reflect that. It will make your home away from home feel more down-to-earth, warm, and relaxing. This decor includes anything with metallic elements, natural finishes, and textured surfaces. For instance, you could add cuckoo clocks to the room to create even more of an earthy ambience. Alternatively, your vanity top could feature reclaimed wood, or your walls could feature ledge stone tiles, which is popular because of its natural appearance and texture.

Now couldn’t be a more perfect time to create a timeless, perpetually relevant design for your new lake house. Fortunately, a wide range of materials and proven concepts are at your disposal to make an ageless lake home not just your dream but your reality. Follow the five timeless trends above to make sure that you end up with a home that you will fall in love with over and over again in the years and even decades ahead.


Marshall Bone is a writer, copy strategist and all-around stylish guy who has been following trends in GQ for more than two decades. Voted best-dressed both his junior and senior year, Bone has continued this legacy and can be found covering various topics from men’s fashion to self care and grooming. He enjoys reading and is based in the greater Los Angeles area.