This is by far my favorite way to cook a turkey. When done right , a smoked turkey is to me the most delectable thing during the holidays.

First purchase your turkey and thaw it out (Tips)

Now, some like to wet brine. If you do, then don’t do a rub or injections. I only inject mine with a mixture of butter and Tony Chachere’s just like I would a fried turkey. But, with one caveat, I take a whole garlic , cut the top off , pour some olive oil over the top, and place it in the cavity. I then use a generous amount of Memphis BBQ Rub or Georgia Boys and olive oil on the skin,  rub under the skin and in the cavity . I want that nice heavy bark.Low & Slow: Ultimate Pit Boss – Spice & Gift Set

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I prefer hickory for the turkey.Those in Texas I am sure will argue mesquite. I don’t add any fruit woods, because it tends to take away from the turkey flavor itself. I do however soak my chips in beer. Don’t ask me why, maybe it’s a mental thing, I just think it adds a certain something. PBR, Budweiser or such will do.

Not gonna be able to suggest stuffing the bird It’s not going to hit temp before the bird is done.

Get your smoker to 225* and slide that bad boy in. Keep that temp between 225-250 . plan on 30 minutes of smokin’ per pound of bird. I only low and slow when I do turkey, so I am sure you could go at a higher temperature.

You are looking for an internal temp of 165*. Let it rest uncovered  for 10 minutes before carving. If it gets done early wrap it in aluminum foil. This may soften the skin, toss it under the broiler uncovered and it will crisp up in a minute!

Enjoy and have a safe Thanksgiving!

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