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Easy Cheesy Spanish Breakfast Casserole

This is just somethin' I threw together last weekend, y'all. I was craving something with a Mexican flavor and this casserole hit the spot. Directions ...

Recipe: Crock Pot Beer Cheese

Ok before you get started, if you have a larger crock pot, double this, even triple this recipe. Y'all want the crock pot 1/2...

How To Make Easter Bark

Not Easter bark like a Cadbury Bunny commercial...but, like delicious candy filled brittle just in time for the holidays!

March Madness Recipe: Slam Dunk Beer Margaritas

Directions: 12 oz. can frozen limemade concentrate 12 oz. tequila 12 oz. water 12 oz. beer ice 1 lime cut into wedges Pour...

March Madness Recipe: 3 Point Poppers

Spring and March Madness are in the air. Since most of us begin to consider shedding that winter weight, I have used this recipe...

Recipe: Easy Roasted Green Beans

Here is a simple recipe for roasted green bean appetizers. If y'all let them properly cool, you can refrigerate and serve cold also. And...

Great Recipe For Healthy Strawberry-Blueberry Breakfast Tacos

Strawberries and blueberries will be ripe for the pickin’ soon here in the South. Here’s a great, healthy way to take advantage of these...
southern creole stew

Recipe: Creole Beef Stew

There's something about cooler weather that makes us crave hearty comfort food and one of our favorite ways to satisfy that craving is with...

How To Make Crawfish Etouffee

This year is being predicted as a great year for the South's favorite puppy- the Mudpuppy. Here is a great recipe for Crawfish Etouffee. Crawfish...
jerk chickenvideo

Recipe- Healthy Slow Cooker Jerk Pork W/ Mango Sauce

From heart.org Calories 282 Per Serving Protein 24g Per Serving Fiber 4g Per Serving For The Sauce 1 large mango (diced) 1 Tbsp honey or agave nectar 2 Tbsp. red onion (finely chopped) juice of 1/2 lime 1...