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American Bible Society today announced partnership with and involvement in the Year of the Bible campaign, a Bible-engagement initiative beginning in January that will kick off a 2020 global media campaign to increase Bible readership for millions of individuals around the world.

American Bible Society joins 60 other organizations helping Year of the Bible achieve their mission to see more people, regularly read the Bible this year than at any other time in history.

“Our mission could not be more aligned with the Year of the Bible movement,” said Robert Briggs, interim president and CEO at American Bible Society. “We believe that the content in the Bible is life-changing for those who read it, and that belief drives everything we do. We are excited to partner with Year of the Bible, and I pray that people around the world will discover or rediscover the relevancy of the Bible in their own lives this year.”

American Bible Society’s mission is to “make the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message.” The digital revolution and technological advances of the past few decades have made this goal more attainable than ever before; however, the increased accessibility of all information means that the Bible is now competing with news, social media, online shopping, ads and other apps for users’ attention.

The 2019 State of the Bible report found that nearly half (48%) of people in the U.S. are “Bible dis-engaged,” reporting that they interact with the Bible infrequently and that it has a minimal impact on their lives. Only 16% said they use the Bible every day, and only 10% said they turn to the Bible for comfort.

The Year of the Bible movement invites people around the world to make a conscious effort to begin or renew their commitment to reading the Bible in 2020. Individuals can sign an “I read the Bible” Declaration and begin a Bible journey with readers around the world by signing up for the “Together in Scripture” Bible reading plan in the Holy Bible App. They can also: 1) Pray, submit to God’s vision for 2020; 2) Hear, listen to the Bible; 3) Read, sit down with a version of the Bible suited to you; 4) Share, evangelize 5) Do, apply the Bible’s teachings in the every day.

American Bible Society is working specifically with Year of the Bible on the prayer initiative. Each month, American Bible Society will work with Year of the Bible to release guided prayer resources. Beginning in January, this includes a 4-week prayer resource with a Bible verse, encouraging and thoughtful commentary, and a prayer prompt for each day of the week.

“We invite you at the start of 2020 to make the Bible and prayer foundational to every part of life,” said Laura Gish, Director of Prayer Mobilization for American Bible Society. “What we’re encouraging people around the world to do is to make space in their daily life to connect with the Word of God. Most of us live busy lives, and the sheer volume of media and information we have at our fingertips can be overwhelming. Year of the Bible offers an accessible, easy way to pause the noise and integrate the divine wisdom and truth of God’s Word into our daily lives.”

American Bible Society has also helped to create and release a 2020 Prayer Planner, which is available here:

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