picture courtesy of Community-Wealth.org

Jacksonville, Florida’s new wave of ‘Makers’ are young, passionate and hungry for all things local and real. They are embracing the city’s unique culture and history, and carving a progressive path that fuses our coastal and southern influences to create a unique experience and a new sense of place.

The path is being forged by 5 different groups of “makers” with one goal: keeping Jacksonville moving forward.

  • Community Makers- These are the folks taking once vibrant areas of the city and transforming them into busy districts full of locally owned and run businesses. Jacksonville’s Railyard District is a prime example of this.
  • Art Makers-  From city murals to re-purposed wharehouses for art galleries. Art Makers re-build areas like the CoRK Arts District. The CoRK is an 80,000 squeare foot wharehouse hosting, galleries, artists, events, and more.
  • The Grinders- Independent coffee entrepreneurs have made a mark in Jacksonville through hard work and community support.
  • Taste Makers- Farm to table is a big thing in Jacksonville. Culinary makers are taking it a whole new level in Jacksonville. Take for example Congaree and Penn Farm It is the only rice farm in Florida, and one of the only in the nation that mills its own rice fresh all year long. They also have the largest Mayhaw orchard in the world. What is Mayhaw? It resembles a small crabapple and is used in jellies, jams, syrups, and possibly could be used in moonshine according to stories I have heard.
  • Beer Makers – Craft breweries are alive and well in Jacksonville. Hop along the Jax Ale Trail to learn more.

Of course, there is a Maker’s Market. And One Spark is an innovation festival aimed at showcasing new ideas and projects to potential investors and the community.

To learn more about Jacksonville’s Makers scene, go to www.VisitJacksonville.com.