in The Prison Within: A Memoir of Breaking Free, author Don Cummins helps readers walk in his shoes and experience his journey through extreme addiction, over twenty years of incarceration, and severe inner isolation and homelessness, as well as the powerful awakening and transformation he experienced that led to self-forgiveness, healing, and success in relationships, career and service to others.

“I knew this story had to be told,” Don explained when asked about the book. “Although I wrote it to be interesting and entertaining, on a deeper level I wanted it to inspire and give hope. To heal and save lives. In the end, what saved my life was the power of true connection, love, and empathy. I know this is the solution – not only for myself, but for all of us. I wrote this book to help others experience this truth as well.”

“Cummins is a writer who isn’t afraid to lay it all out there…he expertly deconstruct[s] the ideas that society has of people who have pasts as colorful as his. With compassion and sensitivity, toward both himself and the people around him, he brings us into his past and all that brought him out of it.”
Independent Book Review

“[G]ripping…a priceless resource, an offer of light for people fighting their way through what seems to be hopeless darkness.”
Indie Reader

“A masterfully written book loaded with not only insight and wisdom but lessons that will help anyone change their life or discover in themselves the key to unlocking the door to their own freedom.”
Readers Favorite

About the Author
Don Cummins is an author, speaker, and musician. Don is a motivational speaker with Florida’s Pinellas County School Board Bureau of Speakers. His presentation The Hero Within: Bringing Our Your Inner Greatness can be accessed free online at Don is also an active member of the Rotary Club of Safety Harbor.

More About this Title
The Prison Within: A Memoir of Breaking Free will be released by Aha! Bookpress on November 20, 2020 as a trade paperback (ISBN 9781734892604, $16.95), hardcover (ISBN 9781734892611, $24.95) and eBook (ISBN 9781734892628, $7.95). Website: