Well, the weather outside is frightful… and so are some of these great yule log videos, everyone…ok most… ok, some of y’all… will want to put on and enjoy while company is in town!

Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett Sings Christmas Carols Just For You

Nick Offerman

Enjoy 45 minutes of you, Nick Offerman, a glass of whiskey and a roaring fire.

Lil Bub’s Magical Yule Log

You cat lovers will love this video from Animal Planet. Run length 1 hour.

Thor’s Home In Asgaard

Thor not included

Doug The Pug

1 Hour of Doug , Christmas music and a warm fire.

Cat and Dog

For the animal lover that needs both, 3 hours of music, fire and happy animals

Old Fashioned Christmas

1 hour of old fashioned radio Christmas songs in a retro look

The Classic with Instrumental

2 Hours run time

Michael Buble Sings



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