creates custom printed candy hearts using edible ink, a candy company offering custom printed conversation hearts tallied the designs of their clients and released results on the overall US Valentine’s sentiment this year.

The overall tally came in with the majority being sweet (62%) but following in second, 27% were naughty and 11% were just outright mean. “Yes, it’s always a little bit surprising that people go that far out of their way to send a solid middle finger to a tainted ex-lover” owner Sarah Hannington said.

And the results by individual state were just as surprising…Arizona, California and Florida all coming in on the naughty list.

We’ve all known and loved those classic chalky candy hearts for Valentine’s – in fact they have been around since 1901, invented by the Chase brothers, founders of the candy company, Necco.

Necco produced over 8 billion candy hearts each year, until their sudden bankruptcy mid 2018, leaving Americans worried that there would be no candy hearts available for Valentine’s of 2019. After the Sweethearts brand was bought out by Spangler Candy Company, consumers waited patiently for candy hearts, only to be disappointed by blank and mis-printed candy in 2020.

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Top Conversation Hearts Sayings By State

MyCustomCandy, who custom prints on conversation heart candies for their clients, formulated and shaped their own candy conversation hearts in late 2018 after news of Necco shutting down was broadcasted. The new candy hearts had the same shape and size of the classic Necco hearts, but had improved flavors and a more printable texture.

With Americans panicking that candy hearts weren’t available this year, and the ones that were available were blank and illegible, they flocked to to get their candy hearts fix and design their own hearts with custom sayings.

The sayings varied from sweet and tender to naughty and just plain mean. While some Valentine’s lovers chose classic phrases like “love you forever”; others cussed out exes with phrased like “never again” and “i hate you.”

Thousands of orders were tallied up to see whether people were sweet, naughty or mean this Valentine’s Day. The overall tally came in with the majority being sweet (62%) but following in second, 27% were naughty and 11% were just outright mean.

Conversation Heart Candy Quick Facts:

  • Being made since 1901
  • Necco produced over 8 billion hearts per year
  • Necco claimed bankruptcy and abruptly shut their doors in 2018
  • Spangler Candy Company purchased Sweethearts brand in 2019 but has run into production difficulties producing the candy
  • $1.7 Billion Spent on Valentine’s Candy Every Year

MyCustomCandy then compiled their orders by state to share which states were the most naughty, nice or downright nasty with their candy hearts messaging and published the results by state on their blog: