cbd oil

by Ross Gellar, Guest Contributor

From the past few years, CBD or Cannabidiol has taken the medical world by storm. The splendid active ingredient was able to prove its benefits for most of the ailments. Skin problems were also a part of this remarkable feat. CBD is famous for treating a wide variety of skincare troubles, seven skin problems that you can solve with CBD are in the highlights below.

Before knowing which diseases will CBD help with, it is essential to understand how CBD treats the conditions. CBD has anti-inflammatory symptoms that help support the immune system. Most skin conditions are a result of acting up autoimmunity. Thus, CBD can be helpful. 

The human body has its endocannabinoid system, which makes sure that our skin and other body organs work well without any malfunction. But when the body is under specific illness or strain, it fails in producing endocannabinoid in the necessary amount. This fall in endocannabinoid results in diseases like psoriasis, bumps, etc. That’s where CBD plays a vital role as it provides enough cannabinoids that are of plant origin. This can restore the balance of the body’s cannabinoid production, alleviating the below skin conditions. 

7. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic disease. In this condition, keratinocytes, cells of the skin start increasing at an alarming rate and the situation speeds up the skin’s life cycle. The proliferating skin cells begin forming scales and patches that have reddish-pink or pinkish-brown color. As it is a chronic disease, a proper cure for this disease is still unknown, but there are ways to decrease its symptoms and provide relief to the patient. Adequate intake of Vitamin D via sunlight and a diet with explicit balance can help mitigate the symptoms. Research backs that cannabinoid with its anti-inflammatory properties might be an excellent way to soothe the symptoms of the disease.  

6. Acne

Acne in adults is more common than you think. Stressing out, varying hormone levels, and lack of skincare is the most recurrent causes of acne in adults. Another prominent addition to acne is the abnormal secretion of sebum by the skin, an oily substance containing free fats, lipids, and sweat. Research shows that CBD can be effective in normalizing pro-acne agents like sebum and lipids. The same study shows sublime anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids that can help treat acne, an inflammatory condition. 

5. Atopic Dermatitis

Another inflammatory disease, atopic dermatitis, commonly affects children under the age of seven. The body is more prone to this condition in cold weather. The most popular characters are itchy red rashes. Usually, doctors prescribe corticosteroid cream for the treatment of dermatitis. This elevates the symptoms of the disease but is unable to eradicate the whole thing from its roots. This is where radical CBD products from a well-known brand like weedsmart come into play. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties can have a positive effect on atopic dermatitis. Cannabinoid, in its pure forms, relieves itch, rashes, and redness on the skin in atopic dermatitis, thus soothingly calming the symptoms. 

4. Seborrheic Dermatitis

Another inflammatory disease that can be treated with CBD is seborrheic dermatitis. It’s different from atopic dermatitis as it affects the facial area, parts of the scalp, in skin folds. The primal cause of this condition is an increase in sebum secretion. The symptoms of the disease are red scaly skin patches and eczema in the affected area. CBD relaxes the disease by slowing down the sebum secretion. CBD is also useful in reversing proliferating skin cells; thus, it can be an effective treatment for seborrheic dermatitis.

3. Wrinkles and Aging Signs

Studies from Italy show that CBD possesses antioxidants in abundant amounts. So CBD automatically becomes a way out of aging symptoms. Antioxidants in CBD are useful for treating and reversing the signs of aging. It rejuvenates your skin. Cannabinoid helps you manage wrinkles, dull skin, ruddy skin, and saggy skin. Get CBD products from online dispensary Canada for young and healthy-looking skin.  

2. Sensitivity

Another pleasant effect of CBD is on sensitive skin in adults as well as children. The peachy impacts of CBD on the skin helps with sensitivity, reactivity, redness, and other skin-irritating factors. The anti-oxidizing and anti-inflammatory properties of this plant help keep the skin sensitivity under control and mitigate it with time, eventually uprooting it.

1. Bumps

Another form of sensitive skin, bumps, and sores are mainly the result of one’s autoimmune system. The prominent symptoms are bumps on the face. These bumps contain fluids such as puss in them. As the disease is autoimmune, one cannot entirely get rid of it but can manage its symptoms effectively. CBD, with its anti-inflammatory attributes, might be an excellent option to treat these bumps around the eyes, cheeks, and nose. 

You can use CBD soaps or face washes, or ingest CBD directly to diminish these symptoms. If you are a vaping enthusiast, you can even look from CBD isolates and make your CBD vape juice at home. If consuming these products orally is something that you are looking for then you may want to check out its edible which is an easy way to snack on CBD

So, CBD’s remedial characteristics can help treat these seven skin diseases. But along with taking CBD, you also need to make healthy changes in your lifestyle, and you need to sustain them. Being happy and stress-free can beat these skin conditions. Also, including a balanced diet as a necessity in your day to day routine is essential. Another cherry on the cake will be exercising with discipline every day, and this will increase the blood flow in your body, boosting the CBD’s performance. All these will work in tandem with CBD to treat these skin problems.