Pants or no pants? We don’t judge. The best part of these new Chili’s “restaurants” across the nation is you can just do you from the comfort of your home because ordering delivery means your home now becomes a Chili’s “restaurant.” Open your own Chili’s because today through Nov. 19, you can get free delivery when you place an order on or the Chili’s app. And, when you stop, drop and lock in that order, a few Chili’s lovers (our fave people) who share their experience and tag @Chilis can snag a #ChilisMyHouse starter pack to well, Chilify their home, which is just the beginning. Now if only we could figure out a way to get the food past the front door and directly to your couch so you didn’t actually have to move…

“We get it. Our Guests don’t always have the time or want to leave the comfort of their homes. I deeply understand because I love being on the couch with my boys in my jammies binge-watching TV,” said Ellie Doty, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Chili’s. “And, that’s exactly why you need a #ChilisMyHouse starter pack in your life. With 1.7 million homes across America becoming Chili’s restaurants, whether you’re licking BBQ sauce off your fingers in the bathtub or trying to avoid pausing the latest series you’re obsessed with, this custom starter pack will give you all the feels in a way only Chili’s can.”

Ok, ok, so what’s in this #ChilisMyHouse starter pack?

  • A custom “Hi, Welcome to the [your family name]” doormat so your neighbors don’t have to pretend that they actually remember your name. Heck, you might even want to get one for your neighbor if you know their name.
  • A wooden TV tray that is truly a beautiful statement piece and can handle whatever you want to put on it so you don’t have to hold everything in your lap anymore! It’s great for holding a remote, a second remote, a plate full of Chili’s delivery and much more.
  • A lovely baby back ribs scented candle that will make your whole house smell more like a Chili’s because who doesn’t want that?
  • A trivia card game so you can take the magic of useless knowledge with you anywhere and everywhere. Your relationships are sure to improve thanks to this game.
  • Lastly, a chip clip that’s great for…you guessed it…CHIPS (and salsa)!

Wondering just how you can get your sticky BBQ sauce fingers on one?

  • HURRY! Only a few Guests will be randomly chosen and delighted with their very own #ChilisMyHouse starter pack.
  • Order your Chili’s faves from or the Chili’s app now.
  • Select delivery – it’s free between Nov. 6 – 19.
  • Share your Chili’s delivery experience on social tagging @Chilis.

Ugh, you didn’t get one. What now?

  • You’re a winner regardless because your delivery is free from Nov. 6 – 19.
  • The best is yet to come! Think, room design meets Chili’s. Stay tuned to Chili’s social channels because we’ll be selecting one lucky My Chili’s Rewards (MCR) member to receive a holiday gift to remember – a Chilified room in their home! Not a MCR Guest? Sign up online here.

We’ll see you at the front door! Visit to live your best life today.