Military families have a lot to deal with – emotionally, logistically, and financially. What benefits are out there for military families to make life a bit easier for them? Where can they find discounts and deals? created a helpful financial guide aimed specifically to help military family members learn about the different resources, federal programs, retail discounts, and deals for dependents of U.S. soldiers.

There’s one key thing to keep in mind, one thing that’s hammered into our brains again and again: Everyone serves. Whether you’re military personnel, retired veterans, or have family members who serve or are veterans themselves, it’s important to remember there are plenty of resources and support groups available. However, beyond a simple breakdown of military family benefits, it’s easy to get lost in military resources and give up on your search before finding what you really are after! For a list of organizations and resources click here.

The wives, husbands, and partners of military members may feel like they’re alone, but that’s far from the truth. Not only are there communities of military spouses ready to network with, but there are more scholarships, business funds, and remote jobs available than ever before! Military spouse benefits and resources include everything from a free library to a military family life counselor to partner associations.For a list of these organizations click here

“Military brats” have a mixed bag of privileges and struggles. The drawbacks are pretty obvious, with a family member going missing for long stretches of time, lots of moving, and needing to switch schools frequently. The benefits of being a military child include having access to educational tools, tutoring, and various kinds of financial help. Luckily, there’s support for military families during deployment, especially for military children. For a list of these organizations click here

Health care can get expensive, especially if someone is treating a spouse with PTSD or a potential brain injury. Luckily, military family benefits tend to cover those sorts of things, but that doesn’t mean the transient lifestyle can’t lead to unforeseen costs, or even sudden wealth. Getting a hold of good military insurance benefits not only helps in emergencies but also can provide resources in times when things are going well. A number of insurance and financial options are available as well as ways money can be drawn on in times of stress. For health care help click here

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