Jaylen with her castle drawing

What better way to add even more magic to Crave Golf Club than to revamp the rooftop course with a sweet, new castle? Even better, Crave has partnered with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital to get a glimpse into the vision a creative and bright patient has to make this the most jaw-dropping castle yet. Meet Jaylen.

9-year-old Jaylen is a small-but-mighty girl with an imagination that shines through her. She is intelligent, fun-loving, and creative. Jaylen is a special girl for many reasons, but there is something in particular that makes her unique:

She has been fighting a brain tumor called Pilocytic Astrocytoma for over 6 years. The location of her tumor makes it inoperable, and her doctors are keeping it from growing with chemotherapy.

East Tennessee Children’s Hospital is providing her the best treatment and most wonderful life possible. As the staff got to know her, one thing was apparent: This. Girl. Loves. Candy.

Crave is a candy-lover’s paradise with candy-themed indoor and outdoor mini-golf courses, mini-bowling, escape rooms, and a candy store. Initially, Crave came forward to East Tennessee Children’s Hospital in hopes of hosting a fundraising event in the near future to support local kids in the community. However, when Crave’s team met Jaylen, it was a match made in heaven and Jaylen is now working alongside the design team, Brainchild Creative, to create the new castle.

Jaylen’s bright, cheerful personality will certainly be portrayed in the castle. Her tumor places pressure on her eyes, causing her to be legally blind. However, she can see things colorful and up close. So, the Crave team will make sure this is the brightest castle ever! The castle will also have a plaque dedicating it to Jaylen. There’s no doubt her castle will make the rooftop course even more vibrant and fun!

“We are super excited to work with Jaylen and Children’s Hospital,” said owner Chucky Blalock. “Crave is a family friendly attraction where everyone can feel like a kid again, and I can’t think of a better way to complement that than making a girl’s dreams a reality.”

When the project is complete, Crave will close for an afternoon so Jaylen can play mini-golf with her family. She’ll get to see her all-new castle in person for the first time. Jaylen’s castle will be completed this Fall, and it will be the sweetest addition to the foothills of the Smokies! After Jaylen’s private visit, Crave will open to the public and host a fundraiser for East Tennessee Children’s Hospital.

Crave Golf Club is honored Jaylen wants to partner with them on this project. Their gratitude extends to Brainchild Creative and East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for giving them the pleasure of knowing Miss Jaylen and making this happen.