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The coronavirus has at least made some if the nation’s biggest wifi providers unite in an effort to remain social , while social distancing.

Led by Comcast and Comcast Xfinity, At&T, and Charter all have announced free wifi.

Here’s what we know:

  • Comcast Xfinity hotspots will be free for 60 days beginning Saturday
  • Charter is offering free in home wi-fi for households with school age kids and college students. Only for those not already subscribed
  • Comcast and At&T have lifted all data caps
  •  AT&T offering free hot spots
  • T-Mobile announced that it would provide unlimited smartphone data to all current subscribers and increase the data allowance to schools and students using their digital learning programs.
  • Verizon is among many providers who have cancelled disconnect and late fees for the extended periods. Check with your provider for full details.

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