by freelance writer, Jessica Smith

If there’s one thing that can transform the taste of any dish, then that is a chocolate bar. Enriched with the goodness and nutrients of cocoa, chocolate is the healthiest dessert option. Whether it’s blueberry pancakes or a simple muesli breakfast, one spoon of melted chocolate makes everything worth eating. Not just the meals, chocolates can enhance the taste of your regular booze as well. 

Pairing chocolates with wine has been one of the most favorite combos of all time. But, have you ever tried eating white chocolates with beer? The sweetness of white chocolate neutralizes the bitter taste of beer astonishingly. Both the fermented drinks work best when consumed simultaneously. Just take care of the beer strength before you pair it up with delicious white chocolates. 

Keep reading to know how you can successfully pair white chocolates with chilled beer.


8. Strength Of The Beer Matters

One of the best things about parties is unlimited beer and unstoppable fun. With an enchanting combination of white chocolates and beer, the enjoyment increases up to two folds. However, you must keep the beer strength in mind beforehand. Avoid starting your booze sessions with a strong beer. All you need to do is go slow and begin with a lighter beer. 

Gradually, increase the strength of beer as the time proceeds. Give your body some time to get the taste of chocolates coupled up with the bitterness of the beer. You’ll get the “wow” moment with this mouth-watering white delicacy. 


7. Keep The Temperature Ambient

While you’re enjoying the beer with your friends, you are likely to prefer the chilled ones. The low temperature might work with some spicy snacks or dishes. However, with white chocolate, you must keep the temperature normal. Avoid drinking the beer right after you take it out of the refrigerator. Give the chocolates and beer sometime and enjoy them at room temperature. 

At room temperature, the process of fermentation gets more efficient. Both the beer and white chocolates are fermented products. So, you can easily improve the taste at slightly higher temperatures. 


6. Experiment With Different Flavors

When it comes to drinking beer, one of the most important things is the flavor. You can find diverse beers in the market. With a snack like white chocolate, you must prefer the beer that goes well with its sweetness. Don’t just stick to the complementary flavors. Try out on both the contrasting as well as similar tastes.

With a strong beer like the 805 beer, opt for plain white chocolate. If the beer is slightly towards the lighter side, go with the fruity flavors of raspberry or cranberry. You can also prefer complimentary flavours for a better experience. Don’t be surprised to experience an altogether different taste when you reverse the flavors.


5. Enhance The Taste With Chocolate Dishes

It’s about time that you let the fermented beer blend in with the taste of the white chocolate cake. Eating dry chocolate with beer can turn out to be boring after some time. To improve the taste, try experimenting with different dishes. Bake some delicious white chocolate cakes and pair it up with a sweet beer. 

Apart from cakes, you can also try out different chocolate dishes like pancakes, tarts or even smoothies. Consider throwing a chocolate and beer combo house party and explore the versatile pairing options.


4. Go With The Chocolate Beers

If you’re one of those people who can eat chocolate all day, then this tip is for you. How amazing would it be if you enjoy the sweetness of white chocolate with a chocolate-flavored beer? Don’t hesitate to try out the different chocolate-flavored beers available in the market. All you need to do is find the best chocolate beer and a chocolate bar that’s not too sweet. 

Enjoy the enhanced chocolate flavors and allure your taste buds with these fermented products. Make sure to go for a beer that’s less acidic and not too chilled. 


3. Enjoy Creamy Hazelnut Flavored Chocolates

Just when you think of pairing up white chocolates with beer, think about the types of white chocolate available. With over twenty different varieties of white chocolate, you can transform your booze game. One of the best chocolates that go well with absolutely any beer is the hazelnut flavored one. The crispy nature of hazelnut when coupled up with the perfectly brewed beer tastes heavenly. 

Apart from the hazelnut one, you can also try out almond or raisin flavored chocolates. 


2. Try Out Beer With Caramel Or Nutty Touch

The best way to tackle the sweetness of white chocolate is to pair it up with a unique flavored beer. For such purpose, caramel-flavored beer fulfills the goal perfectly. For the sweet white chocolate, caramel neutralizes the effect and provides a pleasurable taste. 

If you wish to try out something other than caramel, go for some nutty beers like browns for perfect booze. 

1. Final Verdict

Pairing up beers with white chocolate isn’t as daunting as you think. All you need to do is find the right beer to tackle the extra sweet nature of chocolate. What makes white chocolate an amazing snack with beer is the creamy and sweet flavor. Also, it allows you to try out different beer flavors. Be it a strong beer or one with a fruity touch, everything works well with these creamy chocolates.