Photo by Sara Cervera on Unsplash

As October marks Texas Pecan and Texas Wine Months, the Texas Pecan Board invites Texans across the state to celebrate these two great agriculture products all month long. To celebrate, the Texas Pecan Board will host a virtual pecan and wine tasting, in collaboration with Texas Fine Wine, led by Sommelier Jessica Dupuy and Texas Culinary Expert and Food Historian Melissa Guerra on October 21, 2020, from 6:30 to 8 p.m.

While pecans and wine are equally enjoyable on their own, they make a delicious duo when paired together. The virtual pecan and wine tasting, A Toast to Texas Pecans, will feature Texas pecan recipes and wine pairings to help wine and food enthusiasts get the most out of these authentically Texas products. The interactive session will make participants feel like they are in the room with Dupuy and Guerra as the two experts talk about what wine pairs with pecans and the rich history and ties each have with the state of Texas.

“Considering the history and culture behind Texas pecans and Texas wine, it’s only fitting that we bring the two together to celebrate their place in Texas cuisine,” said Dupuy. “This tasting will be a great way to look at the different grape varieties that are doing well in Texas and taste how wines from these varieties are complemented by Texas pecans.”

To participate in this exciting educational and delicious tasting, interested individuals simply purchase a tasting kit through Texas Fine Wine by Friday, October 9, at texasfinewine.com/upcoming-events. Each kit is $125 (includes shipping) plus tax and includes five bottles of wine, a 1-pound bag of raw pecans, and a tasting sheet, recipes and other information produced by the Texas Pecan Board to be used during the event. Featured wines include Brennan Vineyards Viognier, Duchman Family Winery Dry Rosé, Spicewood Vineyards Tandem (Syrah and Carignan), Pedernales Cellars Tempranillo and Bending Branch Winery Tempranillo, Newsome Vineyards. Once a tasting kit is ordered, purchasers will receive information confirming their kit will arrive in advance of the tasting, and they will receive an invite to the virtual tasting. Tasting kits are on sale until October 9. The kits could make a great gift for someone special!

Texas pecans and Texas wines are essential when celebrating the holidays in our Lone Star State. Locally grown and sustainable, they make great gifts to share!” said Guerra. “Best of all, when the guests have all gone home, you can relax on your porch with an amazing glass of Texas wine paired with rich Texas pecans – a true Texas experience!”

Native, homegrown pecans have a rich history in Texas, with family-owned pecan orchards and wild pecan trees speckled throughout the spacious Lone Star State. Pecans are integral to Texas food culture. Their distinct flavor and versatile culinary application are why pecans continue to be America’s original super nut, nourishing families with their wholesome, heart-healthy nutrients for hundreds of years. Governor Greg Abbott recently signed a proclamation in support of Texas Pecan Month and recognition of the important role of Texas pecan growers.

“We hope all Texans will join us for the month of October in celebration of these two great Texas agriculture products, grown, cultivated and processed by hardworking Texans,” said Bob Whitney, executive director of the Texas Pecan Board. “In addition to participating in the tasting, I encourage every Texan to visit their closest pecan orchard and winery to discover what makes Texas pecans and Texas wines so special.”

Individual pecan orchards and retail locations across the state may be running specials throughout the month, so be sure to check out your local favorites. In addition to joining the virtual tasting event, Texans can demonstrate their passion for Texas pecans throughout Texas Pecan Month by sharing recipes, wine pairings and Texas pecan-inspired snacking moments in social media by using #TexasPecanMonth.