Chef Chaz Lindsay is bringing a new type of restaurant to Jackson, Mississippi, unlike anything in the area. Pulito Osteria is officially open for business, inviting diners in to experience traditional, authentic Italian food with an elegant Southern twist they won’t find anywhere else.

The restaurant is a natural expression of Lindsay’s life story, who dedicated himself to blending his family roots in Jackson, with the experiences he had in the culinary worlds of New York City and Italy. In the past, Lindsay has worked alongside several Michelin award-winning restaurants including Eleven Madison Park, which won Best Restaurant in the World in 2017. He has since brought that passion and expertise to curate a menu for the osteria that’s located in the historic Belhaven District.

Lindsay himself is a Belhaven native, and achieved his dream by bringing Pulito Osteria to the neighborhood where his love of the culinary arts began. “After working in restaurants for over eighteen years, I wanted to bring my experiences to a restaurant in Belhaven,” says Lindsay. “A great restaurant is measured by its ability to take fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and create something memorable. It was my goal to help create these memories for all of our guests.”

Patrons will be transported to a lively, comfortable setting once they step foot into Pulito Osteria. Though the restaurant would feel at home in any metropolitan city in the nation, it feels most natural in Jackson filled with family and friends of the neighborhood. It is the goal of co-owner and restaurant manager Jonathan Webb to provide the service and hospitality that has become synonymous with the restaurant’s menu. When someone dines at Pulito Osteria, they can rest assured that their experience is one that’s been cultivated and cared for personally by the restaurant’s owners.

“It was important to us to create a dining experience that would reflect our community,” says Webb. “We’ve worked hard to create a team that will help strengthen that. Anyone is welcome to dine at our table for any occasion.” Thanks to Webb’s dedication to hospitality, the service is friendly, personable, and professional. The bar selections have been curated to be approachable and refined in order to blend seamlessly with the menu.

Ultimately, the food is what ties everything together; it’s on proud display as the centerpiece each evening. Everything on the menu is created to be comfortable and familiar, while also showcasing traditional Italian and Southern influences. Lindsay is intentional about choosing produce and proteins that are fresh and seasonal, a practice common in Italy.

While preparing, he focuses on making dishes simple yet rich to emphasize the flavors and textures of the foods. By keeping the dishes straightforward, he’s been able to bridge the worlds of Italy and the Deep South with fare like roasted Gulf oysters with a butter made from ‘nduja, a Southern Italian spreadable pork sausage, as well as collard greens slow cooked with prosciutto and Calabrian chilis, and tiramisu prepared with Nilla Wafers.

Pulito Osteria is open Tuesday through Saturday evenings; guests are encouraged to make a reservation. The osteria has quickly become the local haunt of many Jackson residents due to the fresh and curated food and growing reputation. Patrons are encouraged to order plates to share, staying true to the family-style dining that Lindsay envisioned. More information can be found at