All kinds of distilleries are popping up across the South. Today we will take y’all to 10 that specialize in the making of vodka.

The key to a good vodka: quality water and a good purification process.

  • Cathead Distillery – Madison,MS. – Their Honeysuckle Vodka is made with Louisiana sugar cane and honeysuckle extract. Has become quite popular in many cocktails in the South.
  • Corsair Distillery – Nashville, TN – Homebrewers turned distillers. Corsair Bros. Vanilla Bean Vodka is made whole bourbon vanilla beans. It won Gold at the 2009 World Beverage Competition..
  • Thirteenth Colony– Americus, Ga. – 13th Colony Southern Vodka is a contemporary, Southern inspired vodka that is silky smooth. Filtered slowly through activated charcoal using crystal clear water.
  • Tito’s – Austin, Tx.- Probably the most well known name on the list. Started in Austin over 20 years ago, they still use old fashioned pot stills and small batches.
  • Old Fourth Distillery – Atlanta, Ga. – Their self-named vodka is made with regionally grown sugar cane and purified 3 times. Took top honors at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
  • Greybeard Distillery – Durham, NC – Home of Bedlam Vodka. Claims to come from  a 7 centuries old recipe handed down by monks.
  • Firefly Distillery – Charleston, SC – Home of the World’s First Sweet Tea Vodka.
  • Jeptha Creed – Louisville, Ky – Made with their own farm grown corn.

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