This New Year, more than 60% of women around the country say they’re throwing conventional thinking out the door by choosing not to make a resolution, according to a Truvia® sweetener survey.* As a part of the new “Yeah. You’re doing it right.” campaign, the Truvia® brand asked 1,000 women ages 25-65 how they define wellness and the results are clear: there isn’t one “right” way to do wellness.

With more than 65% of women saying that finding time to work out is more stressful than actually working out – sometimes the best wellness hack is looking outside the gym:

  • Class is out of session: Nearly 3 in 5 moms say they get a better workout running after their kids than in a spin class.
  • Core – we mean chore – workout: Over 80% say that household chores count as cardio.

60% of women prescribe to the mantra, “everything in moderation, including moderation,” especially when it comes to their diet:

  • A slice of heaven: 71% agree veggie pizza should always count as a serving of vegetables.
  • Reshaping the food pyramid: Over 70% say they’d choose to replace one of the five basic food groups with an indulgence like baked goods, caffeine, or alcohol.

Wellness is also about finding balance and headspace:

  • A daily cup of Zen: More than 80% say their first sip of coffee or tea in the morning is their daily moment of Zen.
  • Early mornings for the win: Nearly all moms (90%) say they’re “doing it right” if they can get their kids out the door to school on time.

“The ‘Yeah. You’re doing it right.’ campaign highlights and celebrates how different people define wellness in their lives each and every day,” said Rachel Carlisle, assistant marketing manager for Truvia® sweetener. “As a brand that’s all about adding a little sweetness to your day, Truvia® products can easily fit into any wellness routine – whether that means enjoying a quiet cup of coffee or indulging in a post-workout treat made with our stevia sweetener.”