by Guest Writer, Paul Merashi

What’s a wedding without a fun and interesting wedding photo booth? They produce great pictures that embody shared experiences and love while being a way to capture the guests and their celebration of love in the air.

In wedding photo booths, you can witness the fun side to everyone as the booths encourage goofiness and freedom to express themselves. This is what produces those special and like-no-other photographs that show just how genuinely happy people can be.

They are good for guests to take pictures of themselves and look their best without even trying. One added advantage of a wedding booth is that it can be a great way of getting photographs of everyone in attendance of your big day.

Now, let’s go over some creative wedding booth design ideas to use in 2019.


1. Use a Projector

If your guests are movie fans, then you can make celebrate your love story by designing your wedding photo booth in the form of a projector screen which gives you a great variety of pictures to add to your wedding photo album.


2. Use a Faux Framed Wall as Backdrop

For a backdrop for your wedding photo booth images, you can use a faux framed wall. The wall could follow the same theme as the wedding, plus you can add chairs and tables into the scene to imitate a room in the booth.

3. Use a Chalkboard as Backdrop

Are you looking for a simple yet fun backdrop to use for a wedding photo booth? There’s nothing more simple and creative than a chalkboard with as many handwritten well-wishes to the happy couple all over it.

4. A Polaroid Frame

Using Polaroid photographs is a very portable idea, that lets your guests to photograph each other in various spots in the celebration, without even setting up booths.

5. Take Aerial Shots using a Drone

With technological comes opportunities to be better creative with whatever we do. You can use a drone to take aerial photographs of your wedding guests. It also gives you an interesting elevated view of the entire celebration.

6. Social Media

Why not turn Instagram into a wedding photo album with just the power of the hashtag. You can get your guests to take pictures with their smartphones and upload them to social media using the joint hashtag so everyone can view it.

7. Good old- fashioned Photo Booth

Whether it’s a photo booth rental or not, a standard photo booth is still great to use at your wedding. After all, everyone can tell how they work, so it can be used at their leisure.


8. Decorate with Ribbons

You can use ribbons as a backdrop by pulling a rope and string ribbons of various textures on it. You can combine ribbons with them lights or lamps and hang them on a tree.

9. Use a Stand-Up Board

Stand-up boards are a classic and fun way to make everyone laugh to be able to capture unique moments. Either you make them yourself or buy them, pick out those with interesting designs and as many cut-out holes as possible.

10. Try Out Graffiti

So you’re looking for a creative and interesting wedding photo booth frame with a colorful backdrop. Graffiti is such a great design to employ, especially at a new-age style wedding.

11. Vehicles

You can either customize a retro van into a wedding booth or use your wedding transport to set up one. Convertibles are perfect for implementing this kind of idea.


12. Lights and Balloons

A combo of hanging lights and balloons creates an awesome wedding photo booth backdrop design, especially for evening photos. They will do well to portray the romantic atmosphere.