Yep y’all. 2020 may go down as one of the suckiest years in the history of the world. COVID-19 …. killer storms… weird weather… falling economy…quarantine… and now just to get you into the spirit of Spring, I give to you : The Murder Hornet.

Yep, the invasive inch to inch and a half long Asian wasp has been sighted at the U.S. Canadian border and also in the State of Washington.

It is officially called vesper mandarinia, or the Giant Asian Hornet. 

The reason for the nickname “Murder Hornet” is because they invade beehives, decapitating their victims, laying eggs and feeding the carcasses to their young.

And you thought the Cats movie sucked.

And yes y’all they do also kill humans. According to various reports about 50 Japanese are killed every year by murder hornets. Japanese scientists say accidentally disturbing a hive and they attack as a group, injecting as much venom as a snake bite. However, it should be noted they are not aggressive towards pets and humans unless provoked.

The hornets are 1.5 to two inches long and have a yellow or orange head with bulging eyes and a black and yellow striped abdomen, according to WSDA. Those that have been stung say it’s like having red hot thumbtacks driven into your flesh.

So, y’all check out the video above. If you happen to see this thing buzzin’ down here in the South, immediately contact your local County or State Ag Co-op.

And never…ever…ask the question “It can’t get any worse..right?”