poplar forest
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This is the beginning of a yall.com series on Southern Architecture. First we thought we would take a look at 4 classic Southern homes. In later series we will look at landscaping, location, interior design and more.

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Located in Leesburg, Va. the construction of George Carter’s mansion began about 1804, having inherited the property on which it sits from his father in 1798. The house is considered George Carter’s personal interpretation of early 19th century architectural styles. Although no original architectural plans have been found, it is thought that Carter probably designed the house himself, possibly with help from builders and pattern books. The house still retains most of the original structure.

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Located in Forest, Va., Poplar Forest was the private retreat of President Thomas Jefferson. Sold after Thomas Jefferson’s death, altered and fallen into disrepair, Poplar Forest is today being restored using original plans and in many cases the same techniques used by Jefferson and his builders. It is emerging as a stunning environment where architecture and landscape are seamlessly intertwined. The study of Poplar Forest is shedding new light on Jefferson, his creativity, his curiosity and his private world.

Courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Archives and History

The Burn, a house built in 1834, is the oldest documented Greek Revival residence in Natchez, Mississippi. It was built on a knoll to the north of the old town area of Natchez. It now remains as it was built and serves as an air bnb.

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Roper House, built in 1838 on the recently completed High Battery, commands a sweeping view of the Charleston, South Carolina harbor. The house is an outstanding example of early 19th Century Greek Revival architecture in a city better known for its 18th Century Georgian-style architecture.