by Isabella Rosselleni, Guest Contributor

When you have decided to work on the interior design of your home, you often ignore the placement of the air-conditioning unit in it. Even new homeowners forget about it when they are moving into a house or an apartment for the first time. Experts in home décor and interior designing say it is important to always include the AC unit in the original layout plan. In this way, you effectively can improve the aesthetic appeal of the house and the functionality of the cooling system as well.

Integrate them well into the architecture of the house

Most homeowners find AC units to be bulky and ugly. However, experts in interior designing suggest that they can be integrated well in the home design and hidden with the help of decorative AC covers available in the market. You might want to install an AC in an outdoor space for entertainment or dining. Here, again, its placement should be ideally done, keeping in mind the exterior décor of your home. Like indoor covers for your AC, you can get mesh and armor covers to protect your AC from weather elements with success. 

How to start making your AC unit an integral part of your home décor? 

Before you install your AC unit, you first must evaluate the space where the AC unit will be fixed. Here you need to be creative and devise a layout plan that improves the appearance of the room and ensures that the AC unit functions effectively without hassles at all. In case you cannot get creative designs, you may consult professional interior design companies to assist you. Their representatives will conduct a house inspection and help you select the appropriate place for installing the AC unit. When you are working on any home renovative project for your cooling system, consider the size of your unit, its style, dimensions, the materials you would need for installing it safely, time and budget. 

Type of AC units you install in your room 

Do you have a window AC or mini-split AC?  Both can be made beautiful and appealing with some creative interior décor. Now, if you have a window AC and it still works, there is no point discarding it. It can still be used in the interior design of your home. You should install it in a good spot and cover it when not in use. As mentioned above, customized covers for window AC units will do the trick. There are decorative covers that you can use for your window AC. Choose the cover that syncs in with the theme and the décor of your room.

For mini-split AC units that are quite popular today primarily because of their cost efficiency, you can construct a false beam around them to give them a decorative feel. The beam will hide the unit, and you can accentuate the space with dim lights without compromising on the functionality and performance of your AC unit at all!