If you own an Airbnb, or are considering starting one, the bathroom can make or break the experience.  Select accessories and linens that reflect your style, and yet are practical for your guests could be the difference between 4-5 star reviews and negative ones . More importantly do not forget to get a supply of toiletries and other bathroom essentials.

If you are about to go into Airbnb or VRBO for the first time or are ultimately just prepared to make up the one you have only a slightly more grown-up, here are few things every modern bathroom should have:

Shower curtain

It’s a good idea before moving to find a shower curtain. If you don’t wish to ruin your brand-new apartment floors. After a long day of traveling, you are going to be dying to get a warm shower. Pack your items with the other items within this area of your first flat checklist, and you will be all set for many much-needed self-care.

Toilet paper

Some might oppose that toilet paper is one of the essential things you require for your first apartment building, and it isn’t very easy to disagree with. Be sure you purchase lots of toilet paper to place in your new residence bathrooms as soon as the move-in day starts. Isn’t it the one factor in life you cannot ever have adequate of?

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning resources are crucial to any first house checklist. As you shift in, you may locate some spots the earlier occupants ignored. Be sure your cleaning resources are easy to get so that you can cleanse those spots before the complexity of unpacking starts.

  • A Swiffer along with together wet and dry pads and a vacuum
  • Multi-surface cleaning sprayer, trash bags, and paper towels
  • Stainless-steel cleaner and Multi-surface scrubbing wipes
  • Dryer sheets Laundry detergent, and tarnish remover
  • Toilet scrubber and toilet dish cleaning mix
  • Dish/dishwasher sponges and soap
  • Air freshening spray and sanitizer 

Storage Solutions

Perhaps not all bathrooms are equipped with under-the-sink storage, or should they do, it’s not always enough, and that’s the reason why it’s super easy to invest in a toilet shelf. The beautiful thing about it is they usually burn wall and floor space, which could otherwise be fresh, which means that you get extra storage without losing any real estate.

Jars for Q-Tips and Cotton Balls

I’ve said it attaining into a glass jar for a cotton ball is so much simpler than fishing to get you out of a crumpled plastic tote. Besides, you’ll always know when you want to get more since they’ll be so simple to look at.

A Super Absorbent Mat

There’s not anything like walking out of a pleasant hot shower in the cold, hard floor and afterward oozing water all over everything. And equally, there’s not anything like walking onto a high-class soft and porous bathmat. Once you bought one, this piece will instantly move from luxury to essential in your life.

Good Lighting

This is a suggestion I got in the Apartment Therapy bathroom simple roundup. They stated that if you fail to restrain the actual lamps in the bathroom, you could always fix the lights themselves for intensity lighting that was lower or higher, depending upon your own precise needs.

Disinfectant Wipes for Touch Ups

If you need to find a way to dust away from the surface in a couple of minutes, then it will make your life much more comfortable. I discovered that disinfectant wipes come in handy for all those instances when I don’t have time for a real intensive bathroom clean. However, this is Just Another Apartment Treatment Tip, which can make definitely keep things look finer between cleaning sessions.

Electric Towel Warmer

On a cold morning, there aren’t many things more luxurious than walking out of the shower and catching a hot towel. Along with the coziness, the towel warmer will also reduce mildew growth and mold. These towels are built in a way to dry quickly, meaning they can be washed by you frequently, which may offset the expense of the added electricity.


If you really don’t have some art in your bathroom, then you need the gorgeous one. You can bring some personality and color in your space with the addition of a piece of artwork or 2. Depending on how many walls you have, you may try out, earning a whole lot of bits and doing a gallery wall. Make sure any artwork that you hang in your bathroom is correctly framed under glass in order; the steam in the shower won’t mess this up.


A candle can be just a superb solution to keep things smelling tidy and fresh in your bathroom. They are also a lovely touch to add around a bathtub. When you find one that you adore that is at a pretty glass container, then you know that you have a great candidate for the bathroom decoration. So, I know I will never run out; I like to maintain four or three of my favorite candles on hand. And do not forget to be certain to have some matches nearby for guests!


A tray can be just a superb piece to enhance your bathroom to make things feel somewhat more pulled together. You can get it in various styles, sizes, and shapes, which means you may create the work; however, small or large your space is. You’re able to collect things such as candles, toothbrushes, soap, or different essentials indoors. A little arrangement of flowers is just another fantastic addition for a classy tray.

Basket for TP + Extra Towels

There is nothing more distressed than being at a guest bathroom, perhaps not knowing where the towels or toilet paper are located. I like to be certain extras of that which are offered in a container or basket. But you shouldn’t forget to get creative using them! I use a big glass vase to store up additional rolls of toilet paper and a big planter bust along with an open head to keep extra towels.

Your bathroom might not ever be a spa-like oasis, but it can absolutely be super operational and, at least, not knowingly be considered a source of frustration and bad reviews.

Author Bio:

Eli Owen

With her passion for making interior and exterior attractive in home and metal buildings of all sorts, Eli is a trusted author, bringing up new ideas in creating unique styled buildings. She has studied ‘Decoration with different Construction and Non-construction materials’ and worked with some leading metal carports manufacturers and suppliers.

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