With all the coronavirus fears, a new study shows us where America’s cleanest and dirtiest homes in America are.

Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t get away from having to clean the house. While a lucky 17 percent of Americans outsource their chores to housekeeping services, the rest of us spend an average of eight hours per month keeping our homes clean. With spring cleaning right around the corner, Improvenet wanted to find out: where are the cleanest homes in America? They surveyed 4,328 people across 21 major cities to find out.

8. Across America

7. Deciding Factors

6. How Much time Do You Spend Cleaning

5. Time Cleaning

4. Time Spent Cleaning

3. How Often Do We Change Sheets

2. How often Do You Clean Doorknobs and Light Switches?

1. Have You Cleaned Your TV Remote in the Last Year?