Many of us have similar goals in mind. Relaxation is certainly one of those. But relaxation can mean different things to different people. What we can all agree upon, however, is that having a relaxing space to retreat to can make a massive difference in our lives.

Here are a few tips that you can use to make a space in your home more inviting and relaxing, creating the perfect escape oasis.

Surround Yourself with Memories

When relaxing, we try to find things that make us happy. What better way to make space feel more welcoming than by adding fond memories? It can be favorite vacation trips, pictures from childhood, pictures of favorite family members, and whatever else brings a smile to your face.

By surrounding yourself with pictures of happy memories, you create a welcoming space. When happiness surrounds the entire room, it then becomes easier to unwind and relax. Family memories can make any space more welcoming; a safe haven to get away from the stresses and rigors of the world.

Reduce the Clutter

Clutter is the agent of chaos. Families with children (and their messy bedrooms), undergoing renovations, or lovable pets know the impact that chaos can have on life. When there is clutter all throughout our lives, it becomes difficult to turn off our minds and focus on relaxing.

Reduce the clutter wherever you can. While this is more difficult to do with the aforementioned factors, there are places that you can keep separate from those things. This allows for a more comfortable, relaxing space to be had. 

Even better, you can put a focus on downsizing. While decluttering for some can simply mean moving things out of sight, it can be beneficial to focus on the things in life that we truly want and need. By focusing on decluttering, there can be a focus on downsizing as well.

Introduce Relaxing Scents

While it would be optimal to go out and buy a new hot tub (and the appropriate chemical starter kits), that isn’t always financially feasible. So, we need to find more creative ways of introducing relaxation and stress-relief into space.

One of the most interesting ways to do that is by changing the scents in a room. Scent can actually be a very powerful factor in how you feel about a specific place. When the room has more pleasant smells to it, the overall aura of the room can be far more comfortable and relaxing.

The best thing about scents is that you can mix it up and go with different ones based on your own personal tastes and style. There are even essential oils where, with a few drops in a diffuser, can help to permeate a room with a wonderful scent.

Try introducing some welcoming, relaxing scents into a room and you may be able to unlock the secret to your own personal relaxation.

Color Choice

The colors of a room can completely dictate the mood that you have in that given room. While there is no universal color palette that dictates how someone will feel, you can play off the colors in your life that have the greatest impact.

Going with a white can allow for little pops of color throughout the room to really stand out. Then again, you might find more neutral colors to be more calming. Or maybe brighter colors are better because they end up putting you in a better mood.

Whatever the case, change up the color in a room to fit your personality better. Just seeing that pop of color can be enough to bring your mood to a better place.

Utilize Sound

Much like color, the sounds in a given space can dictate or play off of our current mood. Music in particular has been found to be one of the most comforting things around. Find a playlist that brings you into a mellow place and begin introducing it into your space.

It can be as simple as retreating to the room with your phone and some headphones or as complex as adding surround sound. Whatever you want the room to be, it can be just that. Even having a comfortable space to play relaxing background music can make it a more welcoming retreat.

Introduce Life

While this may not be something that everyone can get behind, adding plant life to a room can be a great relaxation aid. Plants can add a sense of nature, a natural pop of color to any space. And some plants can offer different aromatics that enhance the very air in the room.

Try adding some easy to maintain plants to the room for starters and you may begin to notice a real difference in the welcomeness of the room as a whole.


Article By: Peter Rossi, a professional hot tub designer and founder of ByRossi.