Fire and Flavor HERO Grill

Fire & Flavor Grilling Company , a nationally distributed leading brand of all-natural and healthy grilling products, is changing outdoor cooking with the introduction of  the HERO™Grill, the world’s first portable, dishwasher safe grill.

The HERO™ Grill is environmentally friendly, using a single use, biodegradable charcoal pod for simple, clean grilling almost anywhere outdoors. The quick lighting charcoal pods are all-natural with low VOC and 60 minutes of grilling time. Folding to the size of a standard laptop, the HERO™ Grill has a non-stick, ceramic coated grilling surface for easy cooking and quick cleanup.

“The HERO™ Grill gives consumers  simple, clean and portable charcoal grilling anywhere, anytime. It’s a four season, multi-adventure tool designed for the outdoor enthusiast and is perfect for outdoorsmen, car camping, tailgating or cooking on the patio,” said Davis Knox, Fire & Flavor CEO and founder. “HERO is truly compact and lightweight, yet it’s easy to use, quick to set up, fast lighting and earth friendly.”

The HERO™ Grill is available for purchase at and select retailers nationwide and ships starting November 1, 2019. The HERO™ Grill System retails for $139.95 and includes a premium non-stick grill, bamboo cutting board, custom bamboo spatula, multi-function thermometer, one biodegradable HERO charcoal pod and a rugged, waterproof carry case.

About Fire & Flavor –
Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Athens, Georgia, Fire & Flavor began by selling cedar grilling planks. The company has grown to also offer sustainably certified charcoal, all natural fire starters, brines, seasonings, smoking chips, wood pellets and more. Fire & Flavor serves as the ultimate resource for unique recipes and all-natural offerings that easily take your home-cooked meals and now your outdoor grilling adventure to the next level.