by Christine Mauris, guest contributor

Babies have various needs, and a cute nursery is essential. A baby’s room not only provides a sense of belonging to the little angel but also ensures their safety and comfort. And this is something that all parents want for their precious ones. Remember, babies are delicate, and a baby nursery safety should be your top priority.

 Here are tips for a safe baby’s nursery:

1. Acquire a better crib 

If purchasing a new crib for your baby, go for water-based finishes with certifications, which show that the product has lower chemical emissions. Avoid plywood, pressed wood such as particleboard, or any other composite woods. Second-hand cribs also make better alternatives since the crib is likely to have off-gassed.

 2. Choose the right crib mattress.

A young baby spends most of the time sleeping, and your baby’s mattress should be high-quality. But, the baby’s mattress may pose a significant danger to your little one. Some studies have revealed that crib mattresses may emit toxic elements in the air, and this can affect your baby. Thus, opt for an organic mattress, and pick one that isn’t covered in PVC, and have fewer chemical treatments.

3. Avoid crib bumpers 

Most parents prefer to use crib bumpers. They believe that they act as barriers to prevent a baby from falling. However, pediatricians advise parents not to use them. Even the newest type of crib with crib bumper mesh is way too risky for the baby. They put your baby at risk of rolling over and getting the face, legs, and arms stuck against the bumper, which can result in suffocation.

So, ensure that the baby’s nursery is harmless, whether at home or away from home. If you usually enroll your child for the kids summer program, it’s wise to find out the type of baby beds and beddings they use. By so doing, your child will not only learn exciting courses, but you’ll also be sure of their safety.

4. Secure the dressers 

It’s important to lock all the chests. A curious baby can easily climb the shelves, which may fall over and injure them. It’s also risky if your baby can open the shelves, or if you leave them open. So, choose safe shelves for nursery and secure other large furniture in your home like TV stands and changing tables with drawers.

5. Be keen on the cushions. 

Custom-made cushion or home-made ones make the best options. To make yours at home, use organic cotton and wool fill since wool is flame retardant. However, if you still wish to acquire conventional cushions, vacuum them regularly.

6. Decorations –Consider health and design 

When designing a nursery, pick items made from natural chemicals like organic cotton, flax, bamboo, or hemp. Plastic has various health effects like congenital disabilities, immune system disorders, reproductive health disorders, abnormalities with the nervous system, and cancer. Also, if you purchase an item that smells new, leave it outside for some time until the odor disappears.

7. Choose safer paint 

Some paints contain toxic or harmful fumes. So, when you go shopping for colors for your baby’s crib, examine the label for compounds that enhance baby nursery safety. Common paint types are; 

-Low-VOC paints and sealants tend to reduce the number of chemicals recognized as respiratory irritants. They still emit fumes but at lower levels than other conventional colors.

– Zero VOC, no toxins, and no solvents- Such colors are designed not to harbor any harmful chemicals like other regular paints. They don’t contain fumes or nasty ingredients, and this makes them an excellent option for a baby’s nursery. 

-Organic colors made from citrus or other plant oils don’t contain synthetic chemicals and are less resistant to molds and mildew. But they may contain aromatic elements like pine resins, or citrus-based solvents, which can affect people with sensitivities. 

Natural milk paints- They are made from milk protein and earth pigments like lime and clay and are odorless. Milk paints don’t contain preservatives or biocides.

 Final thoughts 

Babies are exceptionally delicate, and you should only choose safe and healthy items that don’t affect your baby. So consider the above ideas for baby nursery safety; this way, your baby will enjoy sleeping and health issues like irritations and cases of suffocation will be minimal.