Now that Halloween is officially over, we are moving onto the next, quickly approaching round of festivities. Why, yes, we are talking about the happiest holiday ever – Christmas! 

Christmas is the ideal time to spread love and show appreciation to your employees or coworkers. And the best way to do this is by surprising them with some thoughtful gifts. Because there is no better feeling than knowing that you and your effort are appreciated, and well, getting a gift is not far off either!

This year, be the best boss or coworker ever and gift your employees and coworkers with some of these awesome gift ideas. We can divide these gifts into two groups, personal and office related gifts.

Let’s start off with personal gifts then.

Personal Gifts

Spa and beauty treatments

Relaxing and being pampered for a couple of hours is what everyone needs from time to time. That’s why this kind of gift will be a complete success. Your employees or coworkers will know that you worry about their wellbeing and that you want them to be relaxed.

And for your female coworkers or employees, beauty treatments will make the best gift. Many women juggle their jobs and motherhood, so a time to relax and enjoy a little beauty treatment will be ideal. You can rest assured that this kind of gift is the perfect Christmas gift.


Relaxing during the holiday is what every person needs. And now you can help your employees relax by giving them event tickets. 

The perfect time to go watch a movie or a play, or maybe even your favorite sports event is during holidays. This is the reason why this type of gift will be a complete hit with your employees or colleagues. What better time for them to go watch that movie they told you about than over the holidays. 

You can never go wrong with event tickets as a present.

Gift cards

Honestly, I’ve never met anyone who didn’t appreciate this kind of gift. Gift cards, whether for groceries or maybe Amazon, are the best present almost anyone can enjoy. 

By gifting your employees or coworkers a certain gift card, you give them the opportunity to choose whatever they want to get. Truly, there is no better gift!

Gift baskets or arrangements

If you’re having trouble choosing gifts for each of your coworkers or employees, then you’ll be happy to know that there are things such as gift baskets or arrangements filled with the finest Christmas gifts. Usually, these kinds of arrangements contain gourmet gifts such as chocolate or cookies and other snacks, bottles of champagne or wine.

Really, only the best of the best is selected in these kinds of gifts. And all you have to do is order them!  

Tablets, iPads, E-readers

If you know that your coworkers are avid readers then you already know what a great gift for them would be. A tablet, an iPad or even an E-reader, any of these will be ideal for them. They can just whip them out on their way to work, or when they are travelling and every time, they have it in their hand, they’ll remember you and how awesome your gift was!

Take your employees to lunch

Taking your employees to lunch and then giving them the rest of the day off will make you the best boss ever! 

You will show your employees how much you appreciate them and then at the end of lunch, you can give them any of the above-mentioned gifts. Plus, you’ll let them take off early – no better Christmas present then that though!

Office-related gifts


Believe it or not, a high-quality, leather-bound notebook is a great gift. And if you want to go a step further, you can have each notebook personalized for each of your employees or coworkers. 

And if leather notebooks are not something that you like, hard-back notebooks are a good idea, too. They too can be personalized.

Fountain pens

This traditional, yet super elegant and timeless gift will be ideal this Christmas season. Giving a fountain pen to someone will give them a reason to be creative, to write more and type less, if that’s possible.

And if paired with a notebook, noting will top this gift.


Yes, mugs. Every employee should have their own mug in the office. Finding an ideal mug for each of your employees will be a fantastic gift. You can even purchase personalized coffee or tea mugs. Or if you are creative enough, you can take it up a notch and do a DIY mug personalization

There is no way that you can go wrong with a mug as a Christmas present. 

Office supplies

Desk organizers, pen holders, paperweights, calendars and trays, anything that can help your coworker or employee organize their working station will do. 

These gifts may seem a bit generic, but they are anything but. All of the above-mentioned can make a very thoughtful gift. Especially, if you know that your coworker likes to keep their deck super clean and organized. They will like these kinds of gifts for sure.

Stock the office with coffee and tea

If you know that your employees like their coffee or tea, then there is a good way to surprise them for holidays. 

Set a coffee and tea station in your office and stock it up with gourmet coffee beans and coffee makers. There is no way that this kind of gift can disappoint, especially if there’s a mild coffee addiction going on throughout the office. Plus, even those who prefer tea can enjoy it, if you stock up with tea, too.

And there you have it, a couple of Christmas gift ideas to inspire you. Hopefully, this article managed to help you get some ideas of what kind of gifts you’ll be giving your employees and coworkers this Christmas season. 

Regardless of what you choose, remember that it’s the thought that matters and not the gift itself! They will feel appreciated and they will love working for you or with you.

Author Bio: Stella Ryne is an art historian, traveller, conscious consumer and a proud mother. When she is not trying to improve the things around her (and herself, for that matter), she likes to lose herself in a good book. Stay in touch with Stella via Twitter and  Facebook.

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