North Carolina may be the “First in Flight”, but they also have places that are quite a fright. Our picks for the Tarheel State’s 9 Most Haunted States:

  1. Ocracoke Island -Teach’s Hole- Pirates, shipwrecks… oh yeah and this is where Blackbeard’s beheaded body was buried…a head he still looks for.
  2. Mayo House – Tarboro – Mr. Mayo was rich. Mr. Mayo had it all. Mr. Mayo lost it. Killed his whole family. Even the dog.
  3. The Brown Mountain Lights – Burke County – The earliest legend recounts a great and bloody battle between the Cherokee and Catawba tribes. After the carnage, women went searching for their lost husbands. According to legend, the lights are the heartbroken women who are still searching for their loved ones.
  4. Great Dismal Swamp – South Mills – Once part of the Underground Railroad, this untamed area has tales of lost hikers, screams, and more.
  5. The White Doe– Ronoake Island- An Indian falls in love. A wicked sorcerer turns her into a white doe. Indian shoots doe, because tribe thinks it is cursed. Indian arrives to dead doe to find his love. She still roams the island as The White Doe.
  6. Ghost Hiker of Grandfather Mountain– Linville – An old man with a long beard can be spotted carrying a walking stick and hiking silently at dusk. The apparition is harmless, hikers have even attempted to engage with him over the years to no avail. The man has never acknowledged anyone who has seen him.
  7. Crybaby Lane– Raleigh – A Catholic orphanga burned to the ground with many children inside. In the field where the fire took place, the smell of smoke has been said to be so strong it leads to violent coughs. Sometimes followed by a cry, and then more and more cries. Most of the houses in the area are now abandoned and only the cornerstone and an empty field remain.
  8. The Devil’s Tramping Ground – Bear’s Creek – Back from the main road, is a empty patch of woods, a dusty circle, barren of plant life, about 15’ wide where, according to stories dating back to 1882, the devil comes to dance. The stories go on to say nothing will grow there and animals won’t cross this empty patch of woods. Rumor has it if one places anything in the center, no matter how heavy it is,  the next day, it’s been thrown back out overnight, so the Devil has room to dance.

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