by Katrina Hatchett , Guest Contributor

For many people, Spain is a dream destination with its lively music, dancing, food, and culture. When you’re planning your trip, there are some tips you can follow to save money so you’re not breaking the bank while visiting this amazing country. 

  • 1. Use Bla Bla Car to Get Around

Bla Bla Car is a service that connects drivers and riders that are going in the same direction. The website is mostly centered on carpooling but it can also be used by travellers. Choose the starting location and destination and get matched with people going the same direction. 

  • 2. Take Advantage of Free Museum Days

Museums in Spain mostly have free admission days, like the Picasso Museum and the Catalan National Museum of Art. Look into these ahead of time so you can plan your vacation accordingly. 

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  • 3. Go on a Free Walking Tour

As per Steph Moore, a travel blogger at Write My X and Next Coursework, “many of the major cities in Spain have free walking tours that you can join. Tour guides will often ask for a tip but it’s up to your discretion. You can also download a city guide for free and do it on your own.” 

  • 4. Avoid Peak Season

It’s more expensive to travel during the high tourist season so if you can schedule your trip for the off season or the shoulder season, your flights, hotels, and other activities can be highly discounted. 

  • 5. Enjoy the Free Public Spaces

Some of the best things to see in Spain are free – the parks, the beaches, and the squares. You can walk through historic parts of the city all at no cost. 

  • 6. Have a Picnic in the Park

Spain’s public parks are fantastic for picnics and people watching. You can bring your own food and drinks and get comfortable. Drinking is mostly permitted in public spaces in Spain, but you should look around you and make sure locals are doing the same and there’s no signage posted. 

  • 7. Book Accommodation Early

If you’ll be in Spain during a specific event like La Tomatina or the running of the bulls, book your accommodation early because not only are you avoiding everything being booked up, but you’ll probably pay less too. 

  • 8. Be Flexible with Flights

Flight costs can vary a lot so you should be flexible with your booking date and find a day where you can get cheaper airfare. 

  • 9. Travel by Bus

The bus is generally less expensive than the train, although they’ll probably take longer and you’ll be sacrificing some comfort. However, it can be a good trade off so you can save money to use on other parts of your trip.

  • 10. Get Travel Insurance

This should go without saying, but travel insurance isn’t the place to cut cost. You should absolutely get coverage for medical and travel expenses. The last thing you want is an unexpected cost like a flight cancellation, injury, or theft of belongings putting a damper on your trip, and your bank account.

Get Money from ATMs

Morgan Connor, a lifestyle blogger at Brit Student and Australia2Write, says to “avoid using currency exchanges, especially at the airport, as you’ll have to pay higher rates than when taking our cash from an ATM. Better yet, get a bank card that doesn’t charge foreign exchange and withdrawal fees.” 

  • 12. Couchsurf

Couchsurfing is a great way to get free accommodation and meet some locals to find out their way of life. You can spend time with someone that knows the city well and you might be making friends for life in the process. 

  • 13.  Eat the Daily Special

The menu of the day is the Spanish lunch menu, which offers multi course meals at bargain prices. By getting the daily special, you’ll be saving a lot of money compared to anything else on the menu. This will also allow you to sample the cuisine of the area and try new foods. 

  • 14. Use Public Transport

The major cities in Spain have some great public transportation and you can buy a multi ride ticket that allows you unlimited use of the metro. You can often get deals on these, plus you’ll be saving the money that you would have spent on private transportation. 

A lifestyle blogger with Academic Brits and Assignment Help, Katrina Hatchett writes about travel, food, and business. She loves discovering new destination and new cultures, and she immerses herself completely in each new experience. Katrina also writes travel content for PhD Kingdom.

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