courtesy Batey Famrs website

In Murfreesboro, Tn. about 40 miles from Nashville, there is a place that will soon be full of smiles and sunflowers! 40 acres of sunflowers to be exact.

The sunflowers are expected to be in full bloom in early August, and the window to see them is small. 10 days or so to be exact.

It will be tough to plan, but, we suggest following the Batey Farms website and Facebook page as they will give updates to full bloom and when folks can visit and get pictures.

The Batey Farms website posted the following:

 As of now, we anticipate sunflowers to bloom around early  August. The Grove at Williamson Place will be handling all admission schedules and picture policies. They will work sunflower viewing around previously scheduled private events.

Since sunflowers only bloom for about 10 days and the season is not very long, it is hard to plan professional pictures, or weekend trips. Flowers are an agricultural product, and  therefore weather dependent. The sunflowers will be open for viewing/pictures only during certain days and hours; it is not operated as 24/7 event due to private events.