Knoxville is one of those cities in Tennessee that should be on your list to visit in 2020. A rock’s throw from the Smokies, Knoxville’s versatility has something for everyone!

Here are 5 reasons we think you should visit Knoxville in 2020:

Ziplines, Disc Golf, hiking trails, paddle board rentals, rock climbing, skate parks, golf courses and more await those visiting just minutes from Downtown.

4. The Breweries

23 Breweries make up the Knoxville Ale Trail.

3. Family Friendly

There’s the Zoo and Sunsphere for the younger ones. Maple Hall for the older kids. And free trolley rides for the whole family!

2. History Buff

A great many visitors come to Knoxville, which is 225 years old,  to learn more about Civil War sites,tour earthworks, battle sites and historic homes. While here, many stop by the East Tennessee History Center to learn about their own history available through the center’s premier genealogy research library.

1. Foodie’s Paradise

 A heavy focus on locally sourced foods, Knoxville’s unique culinary scene is on the rise thanks to a group of talented chefs. Plus, pet friendly restaurants, food truck parks, and farmer’s markets lend to the foodie culture being built.

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