12 miles outside of Charlotte is Carowinds just off I-77. It is here that thrill seekers from all over the world come to escape the ups and downs and loopity-loops of everyday life, by going ..up and down.. and loopity-loop.

Carowinds delivers with one of the best roller coaster collections in the world. Record-breaking stats, intense speeds, staggering heights and scream-inducing thrills are around every corner – giving you plenty of opportunities to test your mettle against some of the biggest and baddest roller coasters around.

Carowinds is home to two of the tallest steel roller coasters in North America. With a total of 14 roller coasters, it ranks 5th in the world as having the most roller coasters in one park.

Widely recognized as the world’s best steel roller coaster, Fury 325 is one of the Carowinds’ most celebrated rides. With a height of 325-feet and speeds up to 95mph, Fury 325 is the world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster. You’ll race across the North and South Carolina state line in thrilling fashion.

It’s a great place to train the next generation of thrill seekers also. Start them out young on Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie and then work them up to the Flying Ace Aerial Chase, before graduating them to the bigger rides like the Fury 325 or coming soon the Copperhead Strike (see video above-0 to 42 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds) .

But, it’s not all twists and turns at Carowinds,You will find Waterparks , Camp Snoopy , plenty of rides and a great food lineup. There is lodging available in and around as well as fast passes and other amenities. For complete details click here.