Discover some of Greenville’s truly hidden gems and secret locations on their Vine, Shine, and Stein tour each Friday, all while experiencing new and interesting cocktail combinations.

The tour begins with an underground location that is rumored to have very big secret – featuring beer tasting and fry eating

From there you will discover a new pub hidden in plain sight – which will offer wine and chocolate tasting (again – fantastic!).

Then you travel to experience a taste of historic Greenville and learn the story about the “Dark Corner,” located in one of the oldest buildings on Main Street, where you will taste local spirits – “hand spirited in the hills.”

Finally, the tour ends,  but not before you have had an opportunity to enjoy the evening high above our beautiful city with another specialty cocktail experiencing the beautiful sites of Greenville.

You have to be 21 to attend. And registration is needed. To register click here.