So, you’ve been planning your wedding for a while now, and you’ve finally reached the wedding invitation step! This is really exciting because you’re finally going to be sharing the details of the big day, but you want to make sure you do it right. There’s a lot to keep in mind for this step, and a lot of details you need to figure out. Here are the top tips to help you figure out the details of your wedding invitation to make the process as easy as possible. 

When to Send Them Out

There isn’t one specific date that’s perfect for everyone to send out the wedding invitations. It’s up to you to decide how long in advance you think your guests will need to make sure their calendar is free, and some of it will depend on whether you’re sending traditional invites or more unique ones. According to Mary Tomas, a lifestyle writer at Writinity and Research Papers UK, “if you’re having a destination wedding, you should be sending the invite at least six months before, but for traditional weddings you can wait until six to eight weeks before the big day.” 

The Plus One Etiquette

If you’re trying to keep the list short, you don’t need to indicate that people can bring a plus one. If you put only the guest’s name on the invite and you don’t include “and Guest” or “Plus One”, most people know that means they’re the only one invited, especially if you’re not married or in a long-term relationship. If someone RVSPs for two people, just explain to them that you’re trying to keep the wedding small. 

Set an RSVP Deadline

Your wedding invitation should include a deadline for the RSVPs. You need to know how many people are attending to create the seating chart, figure out how much food you’ll need, and know the size of the wedding. Be sure to set the RSVP date for about three weeks before your wedding date, so you can stay calm even if people take some time to get back to you with their RSVP. 

Adult-Only Weddings

It can be hard to word your invitation the right way, especially if you’re hoping to have an adult-only wedding without children. You can be direct and specify on the event that the wedding is adult-only. If you’re worried that might offend some people, there are other approaches you can take. Sandra Heele, a DIY blogger at Draft Beyond and Last Minute Writing, suggests that “you can recruit friends and family to spread the word informally, or you can include only the desired guests’ names. If you think that this might make things too complicated for couples with young kids, you could consider setting up a group babysitter for all the kids in the family.”

Including Dress Code Information 

Some weddings have a really formal dress code whereas others allow sandals, short sleeves, and more casual wear. Whatever your wedding theme is and what you want the dress code to be, you need to make that information clear for your guests. The wedding invitation in itself is usually a good gauge of how formal or casual the day will be but you might still wish to include a couple of words about the dress code. You can use terms that everyone understands, like “black-tie” or “semi-formal” or even “cocktail attire.”

Adding a Return Address

You want to be able to give your return address for your wedding planning, especially so people can easily send back their RSVP. The return address for the wedding invitation should usually be posted on the back of the envelope, and most people will include the RSVP envelope with a return address already included and postage provided. This is a polite thing to do but also makes it much easier for people to RSVP, boosting your chances of getting a prompt response. 

Whether you’re looking for a traditional and by-the-book wedding, or you’re having a completely unique experience, you still want your wedding invitations to be clear and outlining all the necessary information. This is an important step in planning the big day, so you want to make sure it’s done right.

Ashley Halsey, a professional writer for Lucky Assignments and, working on many lifestyle projects. She is a passionate wedding planner and enjoys helping others prepare for their special day. In her spare time, she is constantly on the lookout for new ways to spice up an event.