LendingTree®, the nation’s leading online loan marketplace, released its study on the cost of dating. The survey found that on average Americans spend $696.98 on dating a year and the average cost of a first date is $77.

LendingTree tree surveyed over 1,200 Americans who weighed in on the cost of dating, giving a clear picture of how modern lovers are spending their money.

Key findings

  • Survey respondents spent an average of $696.98 on dating in 2019. Women spent much less than men, at $499.96 and $861.29, respectively.
  • The average cost of a first date is $77. Millennials spend the most on first dates, at $83. Baby boomers spend the least, at $58.
    • Most respondents (81 percent) go on less than three dates per month.
  • More than half (51 percent) of respondents think dating would be easier if they had more money. One in three respondents has turned down a date because they didn’t have the cash.
    • 15 percent of respondents have borrowed money for a date, including 19 percent of all men surveyed.
  • Three-quarters of those surveyed think it’s more expensive to be in a couple than it is to be single. Just one in 10 respondents currently has dating-related debt.
  • One in five respondents would consider hiring a professional matchmaker. Of those who have hired a matchmaker, most (78 percent) paid less than $500, and most (53 percent) were unsuccessful.
  • 27 percent of respondents use dating apps, spending six hours per week looking for love on average. Most use free dating apps, while 18 percent spend between $11 and $20 per month.
    • Among those surveyed, men use dating apps at a higher rate than women (34 percent versus 20 percent)

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